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Woke Priest claims "The Unvaccinated should NOT attend Christmas Mass"

December 25, 2021: CNN's made-for-tv Father Edward Beck has been pitching his progressive and toxic woke ideology on CNN over the past decade. In his most recent appearance on the CNN fake news network, "Father" Beck spoke through both sides of his disgraceful mouth, feigning peace and love at Christmas all while targeting the unvaccinated and encouraging parishes across the country to exercise sweeping discrimination and prejudice against unvaccinated Christians who hope to participate in Christmas mass services.

In times like these, the last thing society needs is a discriminatory and compromised "CNN priest" fomenting division and hostility within the Christian community. The Catholic Church should excommunicate this so-called priest - immediately.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

CNN's odd-looking "made-for-tv priest" participates in discrimination against the unvaccinated. Is this the true meaning of faith and region in the Catholic Church? Is it appropriate for a priest to foment division and prejudice between people in this way? "Father" Edward Beck's hostile and discriminatory tweet and CNN video footage is provided below for further reference:

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