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YouTube & Google: In the dirty business of manipulating “likes” & “dislikes”

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

April 3, 2021: By now, most people should know that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are all equally disreputable, unethical, and corrupt companies led by management teams who oppose free speech and ethical business practices. These tech-tyrants all have a rich tradition of manipulating and influencing the minds of millions of their users by altering facts and dishing out unrelenting psychological head-games (via products and services aimed at advancing the ideologies/cults of global technocracy and progressive scientism). The headline that YouTube is advancing to the next stage of censorship and information manipulation (by “selectively canceling” its already useless practice of “likes & dislikes”) should not come as a surprise to anyone.

What makes the most recent YouTube news of special interest is the selective and biased cancelation of dislikes where it best suits their ideological pursuits. Similarly, the company is selectively hyperinflating likes wherever the topic and videos in question support the company’s ideological profile. Nowhere did we see these manipulative dynamics of selective and biased censorship and manipulation of likes and dislikes in play than the months just before, during, and after the 2020 US federal election – a timeframe where every YouTube effort was geared towards cheating in favor of Joe Biden and angling against President Trump and the MAGA populist movement. Anyone with eyes, ears, and a reasonably functioning brain has seen this play out blatantly and in perpetuity.

To add some perspective to the comments made above, consider the news confirming that YouTube deleted 2.5 million ‘Dislikes’ from Biden’s White House videos in one giant purge (Epoch Times – Petr Svab; April 2, 2021) The purge comes on the heels of reports indicating that YouTube is seriously considering a policy that would remove visible dislike counts altogether. However, true to YouTube’s deceitful and manipulative ways, the company decided to “selectively” remove millions of dislikes exclusively aimed at the incompetent fool occupying the White House today.

The Google-owned video platform has always incorporated a policy to remove likes and dislikes at its own “discretion” and in a so-called effort to remove what it considers to be spam. Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s vague definition of this outrageous policy of censorship suits his technocratic and globalist interests perfectly. By way of example, YouTube considers likes for President Trump and anything MAGA related to qualify as spam and, therefore, worthy of “sweeping elimination”. Similarly, any dislikes for Biden and his illegitimate team are spam and purged from the platform. To reiterate, the most recent purge of “damning dislikes” for Biden’s pathetic and cringeworthy video collection resulted in the arbitrary removal of over 2.5 million dislikes. This is egregious censorship is unlike anything ever seen. It is also a perfect example of why nobody should consider YouTube a credible source of information nor an accurate portrayal of public sentiment – the information is a collection of lies manipulated by an unethical company full of liars and led by a pathologically corrupt CEO.

According to the Epoch Times, a spokesperson for YouTube claimed, “We have policies and systems in place to ensure that the engagement on YouTube is authentic – and we remove any fraudulent metrics.” (Epoch Times – Petr Svab; April 2, 2021) When asked to provide specific examples of the “policies” in place, the YouTube spokesperson refused to offer a response. We have all seen this sort of behavior in the most recent Tech-Tyrant US Senate hearings where the same arrogance has repeatedly been on full display by Google/YouTube CEO Sundar Pichai – Pichai’s brand of absolute arrogance clearly spills over to his senior executives and management team. In this world of two-tier business ethics and class structure, scumbags like those found in YouTube’s senior management operate in an insulated bubble where the rules of engagement for the rest of society are absent by design.

According to website, Biden’s White House channel posted more than 300 videos that earned an aggregate total of over 3.7 million dislikes of which over 2.5 million were removed. (; April 2021) As an aside, anyone interested in a fascinating independent tracker of YouTube’s systematic manipulation of data should get to know the website, bookmark it, and make it a practice to review their visual dashboards – the information is excellent and visually impactful. The website indicates that YouTube is deleting an average of approximately 8,000 ‘dislikes’ per White House video with not a single ‘like’ removed. Even after the intervention and manipulation by YouTube, Biden’s White House videos have nearly six times more dislikes than likes on average. Prior to YouTube manipulation and “selective” purging, the ratio of dislikes-to-likes for Biden’s White House videos is 17:1 – in other words, each Joe Biden White House video has an average of 17 ‘dislikes’ to 1 ’like’.

The pattern of YouTube dislike purging occurs either once per hour in smaller batches or in massive “batches” all at once – in the case of Biden’s White House videos, YouTube has incorporated both techniques to mislead its user base. It is well worth noting that website lists a wide range of results for other major YouTube channels with large followings - none of them are remotely close to the pattern of dislike removals seen on the Biden White House website. (; April 2021)

According to a YouTube spokesperson, the corrupt video streamer is testing and considering the launch of a new platform design that maintains the dislike button, however, will no longer display the number of dislikes. The spokesperson said, “This is a test for a small group of users and is a response to creator feedback that the visible count may impact their wellbeing”. (Epoch Times – Petr Svab; April 2, 2021) Talk about a shameful and business-immoral excuse to hide their manipulative ways.

Despite Google and YouTube’s insistence that they offer their services in a politically neutral format and spirit, employee whistleblowers and leaked internal materials constantly indicate that Pichai and his senior management thugs continue to pound their cult-like ideology that is steeped in technocracy, scientism, and transhumanism (please refer to the Extremely American website for multiple articles on these globalist-related terms). During a November 24, 2020 interview with Tucker Carlson, Robert Epstein (world renowned research psychologist) confirmed that “Google search results are strongly biased in favor of liberals and Democrats. This is not true of [competitors] Bing or Yahoo.” Beyond the research capturing and quantifying the degree of manipulation and bias by techno-rogues like YouTube and Google, common sense is all that is needed to understand that YouTube is a radioactive cesspool of cult-like technocracy, scientism, and AI-based transhumanism.”

So, what does all this mean? Hopefully, most people have already arrived at a place where they know that (1) YouTube censors videos by banning anything not “qualifying” for their brand of technocracy and progressive socialism, (2) the like & dislike figures reflect meaningless and fabricated data, and (3) YouTube’s lack of integrity and business ethics is intentional and targeted at its users to win over their minds by using pure deception and manipulation techniques. For many people, these traits are known all too well through their own personal experiences with these toxic mainstream social platforms. It also explains why millions have left the major tech tyrants in the hope of finding more ethical and unbiased social media platforms. It is worth noting that there are great alternatives to the YouTube video "outhouse”. Excellent alternatives include Rumble, BitChute, Frank, PeerTube, and Dtube (for more detailed information about these alternative social app platforms please refer to In summary, it is critical to ensure you “purify” your intake of news and information by leaving YouTube and disregarding anything reflecting “dashboard data” on that site – the site and its unethical CEO Pichai are out to censor, manipulate and deceive its user base. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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