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Biden Executive Orders

What it all means...

A Summary of the Consequences of Biden’s hateful executive orders


  • Not a single economy / employment generating initiative provided

  • Introduction of several massive employment destruction initiatives

  • Reversal of President Trump’s fair tariff policy platform (undermining the US trade position globally)

  • Introduction of “give-away” programs that will add far greater strain on US public debt levels

  • Immigration flood gates to be opened thereby increasing stress on an already tenuous job market, increasing pressure on public assistance programs, and exacerbation of CCP Covid virus health management

  • US re-entry into the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Climate Agreement which will draw the US into the submissive and disadvantaged role it played during Obama’s reign of terror

  • Termination of the southern wall project will immediately and significantly present a national security crisis

  • Excessive focus to be placed on unnecessary and frivolous “society-changing” policies and experiments

  • Introduction of insidious transgender and gender identity programs that will forever damage and impair women’s rights and advancement

  • “Smoke & Mirror” repackaging of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and other indispensable health related success stories

  • Introduction of a ridiculous “national day of unity” from an illegitimate president and a diabolical political system obsessed with incessant social/ethnic division, balkanization and hate mongering

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