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Uniparty Definition: is the term used to describe the globalist establishment's centralized control over international politics, general public policy, health policy, monetary policy, infrastructure, energy policy, trade, finance and commerce. Awareness of the Uniparty is limited due to its secretive structure and representative agents. Terms such as the “new world order” and the “global ruling elite” have also been used to describe the global Uniparty.

Uniparty Mission: To coordinate, manipulate and fully control the actions every national political party and politician around the world where every major constituent of a country’s governance is beholden to, and controlled by, clandestine Uniparty interests and agendas.

Uniparty Scope: The Uniparty reach is global and represents a phenomenon that is ravaging all nations around the world.

The Threat of the Uniparty: In America, we see the insidious manifestation of the Uniparty entrenched in Washington DC, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The interests and agendas of the Uniparty are being collaboratively executed by the artificial two-party Republican-Democrat framework and supported by their Uniparty agents (corporate oligarchs, public health officials, mainstream media, social media, supreme court justices, deep state agencies, academia, Hollywood and an assortment of dubious international agencies like the UN/WHO/WEF). The "irregularities" and "inconsistencies" in today's news around the world can be traced to the Uniparty and its veiled interference in our nation's management of foreign relations, trade policy, mainstream media, social media, academia, financial markets, public health, and local/national governance bodies. The coup d’état behind the theft of the 2020 US federal election was principally coordinated and executed by the Uniparty.

The Uniparty “Villains” List: The list of the most significant Uniparty “villains”, provided below, is not intended to be an exhaustive list. The list provided is an attempt to alert our EA audience to a modestly sized sample of the most sinister and powerful actors operating within the Uniparty. For each Uniparty villain identified, consider (a) the scope and reach of their influence, (b) the disruptive nature of their influence, (c) the nature of their subversive acts against free nations and their allegiance to oppressive communist/authoritarian regimes and (d) their focused effort to directly and indirectly attack American society.


Uniparty Symptoms & Warning Signals: The degree of Uniparty proliferation in any country can be evaluated by identifying the presence and intensity of the following trends and patterns in all countries around the world. The presence of any combination of these trends should be treated as a real and material threat to a nation's sovereignty and independence.

· Systematic and brazen destruction of traditional laws, foundational governance and constitutional frameworks

· Unusual and controversial relationships with authoritarian / communist regimes

· Conspicuous and veiled integration of the “Build Back Better” ideology – being sold as an original domestic policy but actually originating from globalist power brokers and agencies

· Meritless and porous immigration policy reformation

· Intensified governance via draconian and unreasonably inflexible tactics

· Asymmetrical application of laws, rules, and rights in favour of the ruling classes and the most privileged members of society

· Clear prioritization and preference given to the global interests over sovereign interests

· Intensified censorship and suppression of free speech, thoughts and beliefs

· Attack on the education system particularly in terms of radicalizing curriculum and emphasis on marxist, socialist and communist doctrine

· Escalation of privacy Infringement (individual privacy and basic human rights under attack)

· Legislation and application of law increasingly tilted in favour of large corporate interests over small business interests

· Large multinationals intensifying policies and practices that reflect an allegiance to extraneous international agents / jurisdictions

· Radical changes to the banking system in order to drive global agendas / programs and to place tighter controls on the flow of financial transactions

· Perpetual deterioration of the consumer experience including the drastic reduction of purchasing power

· Consumer options, utility and quality of experience diminishing at accelerating rates

· Exploitation of false causes / excuses by political bodies in order to obfuscate the traditional application of law and impose excessive restrictions – common examples of false causes include covid health policies, climate change dogma, orchestrated social justice protests, and redistribution of wealth programs

· Emergence of (and interference by) powerful un-elected personalities

· Increasingly blurred lines between “opposing” political parties

· Escalation of scandal “fog” (confusion-inducing rash of scandals triggering opportunities for government over-reach and abuse of authority)

· Blatant distortion, manipulation and/or suppression by media, journalists and social media platforms

· Excessive propaganda efforts by entertainers, professional athletes and cultural influencers

· Language and messaging harmonization and canned scripting by political leaders, media, social media, corporate oligarchs, entertainers and major cultural influencers to push globalist and progressive issues

· Deep penetration of “cancel culture” and “snitching” at all levels of society (even within and to the detriment of the family unit)

· Orchestrated efforts to trigger and intensify racial, gender and socio-economic tensions resulting in pervasive social balkanization

· Systemic “normalization” and tolerance of violent criminal behaviour and social disorder (countered by unusual and hypocritical intolerance of law abiding and productive members of society)

· Growing baseless opposition to police and law enforcement agencies (opposition that is typically hidden behind bogus progressive causes)

· Intensified Multinational advantages reinforced while small and mid sized business fail at accelerating rates

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