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Provide a real time and interactive news platform designed to offer reliable sources of information, commentary and realistic paths of action for all American patriots.


The EXTREMELY AMERICAN platform is intended to be a constant source of inspiration and an interactive news platform that enables our diverse community of American patriots and citizens of the world to act on and effect positive change.


  • Deliver a timely and reliable source of information and news

  • Provide truthful commentary and practical guidance as important events unfold

  • Provide a platform that encourages and enables American patriots to act on current events and change the outcome of today’s news to suit the needs of America and the free world

  • Foster and protect a community of American patriots and international citizens seeking to preserve the freedom of thought, expression, beliefs and all other God given unalienable rights

  • Encourage grass-roots efforts and patriotic collaboration to lobby against the nefarious tactics and conduct of big government, uniparty based globalism, mainstream media, social media platforms, corporate giants, academia and the entertainment industry

  • Forge partnerships with other patriotic constituencies in America and around the world who share a common vision of freedom, sovereignty, patriotism, tradition and love of country

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