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1/3 Migrant Children lost under POS Biden’s Department of HHS

POS Biden‘s Department of HHS releases unaccompanied minors into America and children‘s advocacy groups believe that many of these innocent children will fall victim to human trafficking and other atrocities.

According to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was submitted by Axios, The federal government has inexplicably lost contact with around 5,000 out of almost 15,000 children who were released into the interior of the US between January and May.

Additionally, the administration has not even attempted to make contact with more than half of the total number of kids that have been released to sponsors through those first five months. HHS had released 32,000 children and teens, but only attempted fewer than 15,000 check-up calls.

The agency has declined to comment on if they are making all of the required check up calls.

The revelations are just the latest example of the Biden Regime’s negligence, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable members of society. They have essentially dropped some of these kids directly into the rampant child trafficking industry surrounding the border.

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