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AG Merrick Garland exposed as a Fraud, a Goon, and an Apparatchik of the DNC Marxist Party (video)

October 28, 2021: During the most recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, a feckless and completely incompetent AG Merrick Garland was skewered and exposed by a group of Senators that included Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, and Josh Hawley. The Senate hearing provided a shocking visual display of Garland's fecklessness, corruption, and cronyism.

If you enjoyed watching the exchanges between Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul, you will enjoy watching a Deep State DOJ weasel like AG Merrick Garland get torn apart (figuratively speaking) by Hawley, Cruz, and Cotton in the 3 brief videos provided in this post.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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