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Alberta, Canada - A Province in Crisis

May 15, 2021: Covid Tyranny is sweeping every corner of the free world. Alberta-based EA Correspondent Wende Fahey offers the Extremely American community an important lens into Alberta’s brand of government and public health policy authoritarianism. Incidents of tyranny and government overreach are raging around the world and Wende Fahey provides our EA community coverage of the recent chronology and pathology of Covid tyranny that has taken hold of Alberta. The conclusion is irrefutable and devastating for the proud nation of Canada: the rule of law in Alberta is under siege and Canadian political leaders continue to show utter contempt for Canadians and their most basic civil rights.

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May 6, 2021. A SECRET court meeting was held, resulting in a blanket court injunction for every person in Alberta, named Jane and John Doe. This court injunction allows the police to arrest or ticket anyone who organizes, invites persons to or attends political protests, including promotion on social media platforms. The police simply must state that this injunction is in place and, if you do not cease and desist, you will have a consequence.

May 8, 2021. In rather dramatic fashion, Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski, and his brother Dawid, were arrested for holding church services, and continually defying Alberta Health Services orders. They were taken down on a busy highway, kneeling, in the rain. Pastor Artur refused to walk, so they dragged him to the police car and laid him down in the back seat. They left him lying on his handcuffed hands for over an hour. These men were guilty of continuing to worship God and allow others to do so, and for this, they were made the face of mainstream media’s headlines.

Chris Scott, owner of The Whistle Stop Café in Mirror, Alberta, is a businessman who recognizes the mandates are unfounded, and completely against our Charter of Rights. He has been consistently and creatively defying the orders. On Friday and Saturday, he held a large protest. Outside of the RCMP and mainstream media, it was a very peaceful, loving day, filled with hope and humanity. Later in the afternoon, the RCMP began ticketing the vendors. 3 RCMP officers ticketed a gentleman selling donuts. And the weekend culminated in Chris being arrested, spending three days in jail.

May 9, 2021. Every Sunday, there is a rally in Calgary. Freedom fighters gather and walk peacefully. Usually, there is a police presence, however, it is of a supervisory capacity. This weekend, things were very different. There were paddy wagons full of officers, an EMS vehicle, and many undercover vehicles. The officers began to assemble, and, as we later learned, with the intent of arresting and ticketing prior to the walk beginning. As we walked, the police drove by aggressively in their paddy wagons with their lights flashing. One officer videotaped us. As we rounded the corner to go down the street and back to where we began, we could feel the net being closed around us. We met a wall of officers before we got back to where we started. We scattered. The police stayed at the park for over an hour, preventing people from getting to their cars out of fear of reprisal.

May 12, 2021. Albertan Muslims hold a protest over what is happening in their homeland without a peep from AHS or the police.

May 13, 2021. The UCP Caucus Chair, Todd Loewen resigned. He wrote a letter in which he demanded that Jason Kenney, Alberta’s premier step down. Dr. Deena Hinshaw, who at the beginning of this pandemic told doctors they could not issue medical exemption notes, is now stating that those with a medical exemption MUST have a letter. We must have a legal letter that we cannot obtain because she mandated them to be illegal.

Albertans are asking – How can we stop this? Is there any way to stop this? Our province is deeply in crisis. May this chaos alert those Canadians who cannot/do not/refuse to see through this pandemic illusion. The World Wide Rally is on Saturday, and hopefully, there will be plenty of bare faces there, opening defying these ridiculous mandates that are against our Charter of Rights, and more importantly, the rights of Albertans.

By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Wende Fahey


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