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America's Governor DeSantis supports Florida's Law Enforcement "putting money where his mouth is"

December 4, 2021: The world's strongest and most ethical political leader, Governor Ron DeSantis, addressed the citizens of Florida on November 29. During his most recent press briefing, Governor DeSantis put his policies and funding "where his mouth is". Whereas faltering blue states continue to defund and humiliate their respective police forces, Governor DeSantis is adding increases to pay and protection of Florida's Police Force. All aspects of policing, correctional institutions, juvenile justice services, recruitment services, and ancillary safety systems will be supported by material increases in financial and technology-based investments. Additionally, Florida's police force recruitment efforts will extend across the nation, effectively throwing a "life-line" to our fine police officers who have been so poorly treated and abused by DNC governed states.

During the November 29th media briefing, Governor DeSantis also calls out the mainstream media for their unrelenting efforts to contaminate, manipulate, and foment anger via intentionally reckless coverage of crime and their obsession to push the toxic DNC narrative.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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