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'America's Governor' Ron DeSantis is perfectly aligned with all patriots & is a beacon of hope

June 15, 2021: Governor Ron DeSantis repeatedly proves that he is "America's Governor". During his most recent appearance on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo (June 13), Governor DeSantis covered the G7 'gong show', Florida's prosperity, big tech censorship, the Covid "cover-up", foreign influence (including the infiltration of Chinese 'Confucius Centers' in America), malicious CCP global intentions, Biden's feckless leadership, and the cruise industry. In every instance, DeSantis offers a perfect posture and perfect responses for anyone who is a proud patriot and for anyone concerned about the protection of American and global freedom, civil rights, and prosperity.

This 15-minute Bartiromo-DeSantis interview is must-see and "feel good" content. As we all look for rays of hope, we must turn to political leaders like Governor DeSantis, America's Governor.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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