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And what happens when society's miscreants and malcontents run out of statues?

July 3, 2021: It is worth every American and Canadian to ask themselves "what happens when the miscreants of society run out of statues to tear down, businesses to loot, and buildings to burn?". The actions of these uniformed/misinformed malcontents reflects innate ignorance, selfishness, hatred, and gullibility. These same people also serve an important role as "useful idiots" for manipulation by the global ruling elite and their co-conspirators in academia, media, commerce, big tech, public health, and national/local politics.

Ask yourself what happens when these criminals run out of inanimate objects and turn their hate and anger towards innocent people in full force. Ask yourself when is it time for law and order to be applied against these ignorant criminals and anti-social lunatics. Demand responsible and tangible action (by your elected officials) against these thugs and law-breakers - now.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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