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Archbishop Vigano: "Agenda 2030 are the Gates of Hell & a Dystopian Nightmare"

November 2, 2021: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano recently offered sobering thoughts and words of warning regarding the World Economic Forum's Agenda 2030 as schemed by Klaus Schwab (and other diabolical globalists). The tyranny of the day has placed all areas of culture and religion under fierce and unrelenting attack.

In response to this attack, Archbishop Vigano offered these sage words to all men and women seeking comfort, strength and courage:

"We respond to Rodin's "Gates of Hell" with the "Ianua Coeli", the "Gates of Heaven". The title with which we invoke the Blessed Virgin. May she, who in the Book of Revelation strikes the head of the ancient serpent, be our Queen and our leader in battle, in view of the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. And so that this day that in which you publicly and courageously demonstrate your opposition to the impending tyranny does not remain sterile and deprived of supernatural light, I invite all of you to recite the words that the Lord taught us." [Recite The Hail Mary and The Our Father]

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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