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As hope for Canadian Freedom fades away, Canadians had better support Patriots like Roman Baber

December 11, 2021 - Canadian Call-to-Action: The Canadian Charter of Rights has been under ferocious attack by globalists and traitors masquerading as Canadian politicians and public health authorities. There are only a handful of true Canadian leaders committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of Canadians in this most difficult time. Roman Baber is one such rare Canadian leader.

Time is running out for Canadians who are concerned about the grave situation and globalist attack taking place in Canada. It is time for all self-respecting true Canadians to throw their moral and financial support behind freedom fighters like Roman Baber. Simultaneously, traitors and corrupt politicians like Onterio Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau must be exposed for their egregious acts of treason and bio-corruption. Globalist sell-outs and traitors like Ford and Trudeau must wake up to fierce pressure from all freedom-loving Canadians on a daily basis.

Please read and act on the Roman Baber call-to-action letter provided below.

By: Extremely American & Extremely Canadian Colin Wright

Message from Roman Baber

For two years Ontarians did what was asked of them. This is despite the Ford Government and Public Health being wrong on just about everything. They were wrong on lockdowns, seasonality, mobility, mode of transmission, surface transmission, plexiglass, natural immunity and herd immunity.

The goalpost kept moving with the most recent goal being 80% of Ontarians vaccinated. Now, with over 90% of Ontarians vaccinated, the goalpost moved again.

Restrictions are back in four Regional Health Units and the Government is eyeing a return to the dark times of last winter.

This is unacceptable.

It is time to stop giving Doug Ford and Public Health the benefit of the doubt and pivot our pandemic response. There will always be another variant and 90% vaccination rate didn’t do the trick.

That’s why this week I proposed a Better Way Forward:

  1. Protect Long Term Care. More than 80% of all Canadians who passed away from Covid were residents of Long-Term Care homes. Let’s focus on where the risk is and respond with adequate staffing and resources.

  2. Build healthcare capacity. 400 patients should not shutdown a province of 15 million people. Ontario’s healthcare capacity is on the ropes. We have less capacity now than we did in March 2020. We need to focus on more staffing, particularly nurses. Let’s bring all our healthcare heroes back and rethink compensation to attract and retain talent.

  3. Let Ontarians make their own medical choices. Ontarians are free to follow Public Health advice and recommendations, but no Ontarian should be punished, threatened, or vilified because of their personal choices. There is no place for segregation in Ontario.

  4. Return to normal - it’s time to heal. Many Ontarians, especially Ontario’s children are unable to bare Public Health intervention any longer. Returning to normal is what’s best for our health and well-being. It’s time to heal.

If you are getting this email then you are all set to continue standing by me and the extraordinary people that work and volunteer with me. But we need to grow our numbers. If you support my plan for a Better Way Forward, please start identifying like-minded Ontarians and urge them to join us at We need to organize and offer a home to all Ontarians who wish to end Public Health intervention into the daily lives of healthy Ontarians.

If you haven’t already, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also invite you to make a Donation to my Roman Baber Constituency Association – every little bit helps.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and joy during this holiday season.

Yours very truly,

Roman Baber · Canada


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