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Australian Call-to-Action: The Australian Project (TAP)

August 22, 2021: In an effort to help our friends in Australia, Extremely American is posting information and links relating to a grassroots movement called "The Australian Project". We hope to build awareness of The Australian Project (TAP) and to ensure as many people as possible leverage the cease and desist templates intended to address the most relevant constituencies.

The TAP templates can be easily modified and personalized. Australians and caring international citizens from around the world are encouraged to leverage the resources provided by TAP . Using these letters is a patriotic duty and a show of sweeping solidarity - and a show of sweeping solidarity is a show of unassailable strength. This call-to-action applies to all Australians and all international friends of Australia who oppose the disgraceful tyranny on display by Australia's disgraceful politicians and power hungry / ruthless public health authorities.

Thank you for visiting The Australia Project

G'day to you all, the documents below are templates for cease and desist orders specifically created for Australian doctors/pharmacists etc (Providers). They reference crucial laws that highlight the unlawful nature of lockdowns, the quarantining of healthy Australians and the crimes potentially being committed by injecting our people with untested vaccines. Please identify all the providers in your neighbourhood participating in the roll out and send them this letter. You need to fill in their name and sign the letter then email it directly to them and if you like you can send it slow mail through the post as well. Further instructions and more letters for other professions e.g. police, politicians and lots more, will be available soon. Please check back often. It's time we all united under the law. A list of downloadable letters are available below. Please review the instructions for how to best use these resources.

NOTE: The letters above are PDFs for ease of download/print. At the request of the community, we have also included a Text version which you can copy and paste and modify if desired to add/remove content. These Letters are YOUR communication to the recipient, modify them to suit your own desired message, there is no requirement to use the draft provided - its just a starting point. But it may also be entirely appropriate to send the draft as your final (adding the addressee and your salutation of course).

NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous when sending cease and desist letters via email, you can use a disposable temporary email address like the ones available at which provide temporary email addresses, with no registration, valid for 1 hour, to help you avoid spam.

The owner of this domain is currently in the process to officially launch this website. Check back soon for when things are officially live ...

The Australia Project is about maintaining the sovereignty of all Australians.

Join us on Telegram and be a part of the conversation at the TheAustraliaProject channel


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