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Australian likelihood of NOT dying from Covid is 99.996% - So what's with the absolute tyranny?!

August 22, 2021: As of August 18, 2021, the Australian likelihood of not dying from Covid-19 is 99.996%. (Source: As Australia's corrupt/incompetent politicians and ruthless public health authorities relentlessly pursue their power grab and sociopathic desire for absolute tyranny, one can be left with only one question. Why are government officials and public health authorities (like those found in Australia) blatantly lying about Covid data and abusing their authority in order to punish their citizens?

The sad truth is that the situation in Australia fits a fact pattern of similar tyranny running rampant around the world. In every instance, the Covid data does not come remotely close to justifying the excessive public health policies being imposed on people around the world. It is time for everyone to gain an understanding of the data. It is time for everyone to understand that miniscule and waning Covid counts around the world are being used as an outrageous excuse by political rogues to imprison their citizens and strip them of their civil rights.

Please get to know the Covid data for your respective country and "slam" it in the faces of your elected officials and public health demagogues. Let your elected officials know that you know they are lying about the Covid data as an excuse to abuse their authority. Shine the light of day on the political and public health cockroaches in your country.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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