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Australian PM Scott Morrison: A disgraceful traitor, thug, liar & sociopathic authoritarian

September 25, 2021: This 2-minute video captures exactly what the Australian PM Scott Morrison really is (not "who" he is, as he is inhuman in nature). His words are always empty and his intentions are strictly of malice and harm. He is the worst type of "immoral trash" found on the planet and, consequently, he must be removed from office and punished for his treason and violent crimes against his citizenry. This menace should be exposed by all freedom fighters around the world every single day until such time that he is removed from office and thrown in jail - for the rest of his life.

Citizens of the world, take note! Scott Morrison is the face of globalism and "Build Back Better". Morrison's violent tyranny is straight out of the globalist's authoritarian playbook, a playbook that will be attempted in other free nations around the world. So citizens of America, beware of Biden. Citizens of Canada, beware of of Trudeau. Citizens of the UK, beware of Johnson. Citizens of France, beware of Macron. Citizens of the free world, beware and fight back against this tyranny right now.


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