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Australian Politicians & Mercenaries "in-Disguise as the Police" must be toppled

September 25, 2021: While it is impossible to determine the cause of this reaction from an Australian tactical assault team using this limited footage, the steady stream of excessive police violence in Australia is an all too common occurrence.

It is increasingly apparent that Police "mercenaries" are being instructed to attack Australian citizens under the instructions of Australian political leaders. It is time for the international community to put an end to this brand of brutality immediately.

If our respective national leaders don't address this violation against a nation under violent attack by its own government, it means they have the same intentions for all of us in due course.

Demand your elected officials step in and put a stop to the violence against Australian citizens at the hands of their despicable authoritarian government. Initial actions should include (immediate) harsh international condemnation and severe economic sanctions.

At this point, does anyone actually believe any of this has to do with a pandemic or public health well-being?


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