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Australians are in distress but now they are determined to take back their Freedom #SupportAustralia

November 10, 2021: It is difficult to watch this Australian video and not be moved. Massive numbers of protesters gathering in peace. Australian flags inverted to signal distress to the international community. An impassioned crowd singing patriotically and in full unity. A rally situated in proud and historic Melbourne. A gathering of Australians determined to find their path back to freedom and a gathering on a mission to remove the obstacles of tyranny in their way.

As evidenced by the video provided, the Melbourne Freedom Rally is as patriotic a display as you will see.

Take note Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and Prime Minister Scott Morrison! The people are gathering and rising up in mass. They know you are the only obstacles of globalist tyranny standing between the great citizens of Australian and their freedom, civil rights, and independence.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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