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Ayn Rand: Prescient words from 'Atlas Shrugged" (1957)

September 30, 2021: Much clarity can be gained by going back to the pages of history's greatest thought leaders to uncover ways of connecting the dots of today's complex times. Pearls of wisdom abound and geniuses like Ayn Rand provide citizens of the world guidance today based on reflections and lessons from the past.

Take a focused moment to reflect on the Ayn Rand quote provided in the image. You will find it carries a perfect fit to the tyranny (and the tyrants responsible for it) in our modern era.

Below is an incredible 30-minute interview of Ayn Rand hosted by Mike Wallace. Rand's comments are haunting in their application to today's social and moral decay and those "natural tyrants" so inclined to perpetuate and exploit the masses by way of social "confusion, collectivism, and managed decline". What was considered controversial philosophy 50 years ago is, today, a perspective well worth studying and applying to our modern "predicament".

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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