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Bain & Company: A "Trojan Horse' for the Global Corporate Deep State .. including Bill G8S (video)

November 14, 2021: This brief video offers an excellent introduction into the emergence of Bill G8S. Those who control / influence G8S are driven by a mission that includes forced globalism, UN overreach, elimination of traditional human rights, elimination of traditional religion, population control, eugenics, transhumanism, manipulative pseudo-science (i.e. climate change), universal GMO production, and universal bio-medical manipulation. Just about everything sinister happening in the world today can be tied to Bain & Company and those tasked with carrying out its nefarious agenda.

Follow the money and you will find Bain & Company and the world's most nefarious global elites. G8S has always been in the mix of the world's most devious miscreants and should be considered a serious threat to humanity.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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