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Bannon War Room & Revolver's Darren Beattie: Jan 6 Intelligence Failure vs Intelligence Set-up

June 17, 2021: Revolver.news' Darren Beattie outlines the "truth" about January 6 by musing the question: was January 6 the result of (1) an Intelligence Failure or (2) an Intelligence Set-up (or Counter Intelligence success by design)? Ultimately we all must ask ourselves to what extent Federal Counter Intelligence (the "Deep State") manipulated the January 6 "incident" and its outcome.

For those hoping to stay ahead of the curve on the controversy surrounding the January 6 Capitol Protests, there is no better source than Darren Beattie and Revolver. Revolver.news should be bookmarked as an essential source of reliable and primary source content for all EA patriots.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright