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Biden Family Arrogance on Full Display at State Dinner, DNC & DOJ Corruption Spews in Plain Sight

Unthinkable move by Hunter Biden triggers mainstream media explosion…

June 26, 2023: There are rare moments when even the elites — who hate you, by the way — overstep their boundaries and must rein in their actions to prevent a massive peasant revolt. One of these instances just unfolded at the White House when a brazen Hunter Biden sauntered into a State Dinner event where Merrick Garland, the guy who just gifted him a “sweetheart deal,” was also present.

As you watch this, just remember that these are the people trying to imprison President Trump for the rest of his life.

It’s amazing how some “mean” tweets from President Trump stirred a fuss, but a crackhead with a porn addiction can openly leverage his daddy’s influence and political clout as if it’s no big deal.

Western Journal:

What do you have for dinner after you use your father’s influence as your get-out-of-jail-free card? Well, according to a CBS description, after Hunter Biden got a sweetheart plea deal for his gun and tax crimes, he had a first course of marinated millet and grilled corn kernel salad with compressed watermelon and tangy avocado sauce. For his main course, Hunter had a choice of stuffed portobello mushrooms with a creamy saffron-infused risotto or sumac-roasted sea bass in a lemon-dill yogurt sauce with crisped millet cakes and summer squashes. And to finish off, dessert was a rose and cardamom-infused strawberry shortcake. That was the menu from last night’s swanky White House dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where Hunter was seen hobnobbing with the who’s who of the political, business and show-biz world, including designer Ralph Lauren, filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, tennis legend Billie Jean King and leaders from Alphabet and Microsoft.

This was one of those instances when the actions of the Biden boys went too far and was more than their media flunkies could stomach. It was obvious that the normally shameless media was very uncomfortable with the audacity from the “Big Guy” and his crackhead son.

Sure, most veils of pretense have been lifted, and the secret’s out, but openly showcasing this so blatantly made the media hacks uncomfortable. Yes, we’re “North Korea,” but do we have to act like it in public? So, in a final effort to maintain the appearance of impartiality, the media cornered Karine Jean-Pierre.

Biden Privilege is on full display while they’re living it up at the White House when they should be rotting away in the Big House.


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