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Biden owns US Hyper-Inflation: Expect things to get far worse with his $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

October 20, 2021: The US Inflation rate under the illegitimate Biden administration should outrage every American. Following the theft of the 2020 US election, Biden and his Marxist DNC Party have managed to deliver an unrelenting and upward trending rate of hyper-inflation that now exceeds 5% (a rate that is 5 times greater that the rate of inflation experienced during President Trump's term!) after only 9 months of Biden's abysmal mismanagement. Over the past 12 months Americans have seen the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rise to a whopping 5.4% under Biden's failed leadership!

Bear in mind that Biden's current efforts to ram a $3.5 - $5.5 Trillion spending bill will take already alarming rates of inflation to unimaginable levels - such a disastrous move will ravage the standard of living for all Americans more than any time witnessed in modern American history. The worse possible action by any government during an era of raging hyper-inflation is the reckless act of "printing money" for "frivolous big-government" spending.

If you think a trip to your local grocery store, gas station, or car dealership is a negative experience now, brace yourself for 'nightmarish' inflation / price increases in the months to come if Biden is allowed to "pass" a $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill that will absolutely rob Americans of prosperity now and for generations to come.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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