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Biden's Administration is mobilizing to exploit society's most vulnerable, "door-to-door"

July 11, 2021: They're coming to your door in search of the most vulnerable members of society. They are in search of the most gullible and uninformed members of society. They are looking to prey upon citizens (young, old, and anyone from any socio-economic background) who are unaware of their HIPPA civil rights, the Fourth Amendment, and how to exercise these civil and constitutional rights.

In the latest act of desperation, Biden and his team are attempting to dupe the masses of the 'unvaccinated' by going door-to-door with their vaccine "snake oil" sales pitch. This latest scheme by the Biden Administration was hatched as a result of failed media misinformation and propaganda campaigns, shameful commercial advertising, and full-on political trickery/force at the federal, state, and local levels. We have seen everything from handing out ice cream to children to offering 'one-in-a-billion' lottery tickets to fast food gift card hand-outs in exchange for an injection. In every instance, these are unethical and disgraceful forms of public health "inducements". Not surprisingly, these predictable tactical failures have forced Biden to dial up his campaign by sending "volunteers" door-to-door to pressure and trick unsuspecting citizens into an experimental vaccine that most Americans are leery of.

The more acts of desperation and unethical behavior we see from this administration (and their public health "czars", media propagandists, and profit-seeking corporate titans), the more guarded we should all be when we see these actions intensify - especially when the government shows up at your door with a vaccine sales pitch. For more details about Biden's door-to-door vaccine "selling" activities and several telling images, please refer to the ZeroHedge article presented below.

Know your rights and how to exercise them - carefully read and rely on the Fourth Amendment and HIPPA law to protect your civil rights. You do not have to listen to strangers knocking at your door nor do you have to share any personal health information with these paid government pawns armed with the latest schemes intended to coerce and con you into an experimental vaccine.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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“Ignoring no soliciting signs, use your script”: Vaccine Door-Knocking Documents Revealed

By: Tyler Durden (ZeroHedge) July 10, 2021

As the Biden administration peddles its plan to send door-knocking missionaries across America to spread 'vaccine awareness' (and keep track of who's vaccinated and who's not), White House-coordinated FEMA "surge teams" are being assembled to reinforce local efforts on the ground.

In preparation for the coming campaign, Lake County, Illinois has published 'Helpful Hints' for volunteers taking part in their "Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project to Increase COVID Vaccine Acceptance."

The 'Helpful Hints!' include:

· If you're nervous, that's ok! We all still get nervous, even if we've done this before.

· You don't need to have all the answers. If you are unsure of an answer, be honest. Tell the person asking that you are a volunteer, and you will take down their question so that a health department staff person can get them the correct answer.

· Inform, don’t convince. Your job is to equip the person at the door with the information/resources they need to make an informed decision about their health. You are not trying to convince anyone to do something they don’t want to do.

· Ignore no soliciting signs. You're not soliciting! You're offering critical information and resources. What you are doing is not illegal.

· Knock and then back up [zerohedge: so you don't get shot?]. Follow COVID-19 distancing protocols and speak clearly. If someone is uncomfortable with you being there in person, offer to give them more distance or leave them a flyer.

· Use your script. This will give you the basics. Once you get comfortable with it, feel free to make it sound more like you as long as all the key information is there. Make clear up front that the building has let you in and you're from the health department.

Perhaps most importantly, volunteers are told to keep a list of who's been naughty or nice.

· Report on your work! Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on!

The door knockers are then given various scenarios in an attached script. For example:

PM (property manager) /CAM (community association manager): We don’t allow solicitation on our property.

CHM (Community Health Ambassador): I understand but I am not selling anything, we want to provide accurate information to the seniors in your community. Our goal is to maximize the vaccination effort so that ALL of your seniors receive the COVID vaccine when the clinic comes on-site. All I want is to see your seniors protected against COVID.


Senior: I’ve had allergic reactions to medications and foods years ago, is this vaccine safe for me?

CHA: The only true contraindication to this vaccine is a severe (anaphylactic) reaction to an injectable/vaccine in your past [ZeroHedge: *cough* what?]. Or an allergy to an ingredient in the vaccine, like polysorbate. After your vaccination, they will observe you for 15 minutes to be sure you’re doing well. With a history of other allergic reactions, they may want to watch you for a total of 30 minutes, instead of the standard 15 minutes, just to be sure you’re feeling ok. But if you have any question about your past allergies and vaccine compatibility, you should ask your doctor/healthcare provider.

Apparently door knockers are already operating in various towns.

And to nobody's surprise, concern is growing over the sudden surge in vaccine 'awareness' campaigns.

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