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"Biden's Bread Line": The 'Build Back Better' Marxist hoax is breaking the back of America

March 20, 2022: It is irrefutable. Joe Biden and his illegitimate administration is intentionally breaking the back of Americans across all socio-economic categories. Under the disguise of "Build Back Better", Biden is crushing American prosperity and economic viability with the DNC version of Global Marxism.

Consider these screenshots (below) from Tucker Carlson's recent monologue regarding soaring inflation, soaring cost of living, and plummeting personal debt and standard of living. Americans should be outraged that Joe Biden and his "team" are doing absolutely nothing to address this national economic disaster.

You don't have to watch fake mainstream news to know the truth about the state of our economy. You simply have to visit a grocery store, fill up at a gas station, or look closely at your most recent credit card bill. Joe Biden and the DNC Marxist Party brought this economic disaster to the US in less than 16 months.

Our first real opportunity to mitigate the Joe Biden disaster will come in the form of the upcoming November midterm elections. Organize the commitment of your family and friends and make your vote count in volumes this November. Let's crush the DNC Party and its insidious stranglehold on America this November.

"Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences" (Stephen K. Bannon)


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