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Biden’s First 100 Days: The path to an American Socialist Economy

May 16, 2021: Going into Joe Biden's fake presidency, any American with half a brain (unlike Biden himself) understood his party's plan to spend trillions of printed (not GDP generated) dollars. The truth is that even with a basic understanding of economics, it is not hard to comprehend the damages being done to American families, jobs, businesses, the stock market, the US dollar, and worker motivation. Typical low-information progressive socialist advocates are currently cheering about the so-called “success” of Biden's $1.9 trillion and $2 trillion spending bills. Unfortunately, these uninformed individuals are unable to see the rising communist economy behind the holographic sunshine and rainbows being projected by the corrupt Biden administration.

In the last month especially, the American dollar under Biden has been taking a hit. When comparing it to the Canadian dollar, one month ago $1 USD = $1.26 CAD whereas now $1 USD = $1.20 CAD. For those lacking a background in economics, this $0.06 change is a terrible sign when taking historical patterns and Biden's radical spending plans into account. To put this into perspective, the worst the US dollar did under President Donald Trump was between May 1st and January 22nd of 2020 (nine months). During this time frame, the US dollar dipped from a successful $1.43 CAD (a product of Trump's record high economy) to a post mass spending value of $1.28 CAD (following the great Covid attack of Dr. Fauci and the CCP).

When taking a closer look at the change of the dollar over this nine-month span, we can see that on average the US dollar decreased at an average pace of $0.016 CAD per month. Take into consideration that this was during the heart of the pandemic and a recession. Now when observing the US dollar over Biden's first 100 days, we can see that the dollar dropped dramatically from $1.28 CAD to $1.20 CAD (on average $0.026 CAD per month). Notice how the dollar is performing worse under Biden, even though Biden has been in office since the pandemic has been rounding the corner and coming to an end? This is due to the inflation associated with printing money for Biden's unnecessary and destructive spending bills.

Another huge failure in the new radical spending bills is the $1400 (minimum) stimulus checks being handed out across the country each month. For minimum wage workers, this is a huge demotivating factor when it comes to getting back into the labor force (and is also known as a path to a socialist concept known as Universal Basic Income and Dependency Syndrome). The truth is that minimum wage workers are getting paid just as much or even more than their typical salaries to sit at home all day and hide from the CCP Virus. This lazy mentality being nailed into the heads of these “basement dwellers” is being done to build a generation full of government dependence, high taxation and inflation leading to the destruction of the US dollar.

With inflation on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for working class Americans to be able to (or want to) find work, afford basic living staples, raise families, and save for the future. The most unfortunate part is that they are the ones who will be paying for these massive stimulus bills that will ultimately rip the American economy to shreds bringing its currency down with it. As taxation increases to pay for these gargantuan spending bills, only the ruling elite such as Bill Gates, Joe Biden, George Soros, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Fauci, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Jeff Bezos only to name a few, will be able to thrive in America's new socialist economy. Speaking of the ruling elite, Xi Jinping and his communist party in China will soon be eating America for breakfast unless patriots from America and around the world fight for change right now.

By: Extremely American Contributor and Patriotic Youth Leader ML


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