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Biden's reckless exit & betrayal of Afghanistan is the greatest foreign policy failure since Vietnam

August 16, 2021: How much longer will Americans and the rest of the free world tolerate the incompetence of Joe Biden and his illegitimate Marxist DNC Party? How many more lives must be ruined and/or lost at the hands of a disastrously failed administration and its "amateur" domestic and foreign policies? Biden's massive failures include, but are not limited to: failed Covid public health policies, the Southern Border Crisis, the demolition of US energy independence, virtual elimination of the small business sector, hyperinflation, fiscal mismanagement and excessive frivolous public spending, evisceration of the US Constitution in practice, bifurcation of law and order in practice, Defunding of the Police, systemic indoctrination of CRT, pandering to the CCP, and many others not mentioned here.

Now we face the latest Biden administration disaster. Even mainstream media is already calling Biden's handling of the Afghanistan "Exit" as one of the greatest foreign policy blunders since Vietnam. Unfortunately, Biden will have much more than "egg on his face". This blunder will result in a lot of "blood on Biden's hands" immediately and for time to come. Xi Jinping and his genocidal CCP regime must be salivating, more than ever, at the thought that Biden is incapable of handling complex foreign affairs. This should concern the planet as the CCP and Jinping hone in their military cross-hairs on Taiwan during a period when they know an incompetent dotard is occupying the White House.

So now we have Pakistan controlling Afghanistan by proxy (it took a week!). Now, in addition to the genocide taking place in China, we have the start of another form of genocide unfolding in Afghanistan. Now we have a CCP regime more emboldened than ever to make its move on Taiwan. And Biden's knee-jerk response is to cover up up his innate incompetence by putting 3,000 additional troops in harms way to repair a situation that Biden and his team of morons created. It is savagely ironic that Biden and his team are now turning to one of their favorite targets for ridicule (the American soldier) to bail them out of this unnecessary and self-inflicted mess.

It is time to initiate the impeachment process against Biden - in the interest and security of the United States and the rest of the free world.

Several short videos are offered, above and below, for your reference.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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