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Biden's Treason is defined by the Border Invasion & the Iranian Infiltration of US National Security

Kash Patel Reveals the Nefarious Characters in Government Today Behind Joe Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

October 20, 2023: Last week Kash Patel, the former Chief of Staff of the Acting Secretary of Defense, laid out the intentional intelligence failures of the Biden regime that had led to this World War IV in an op-ed published at The Gateway Pundit.

On Thursday Kash Patel joined Steve Bannon on the War Room to discuss his upcoming second op-ed in this series, the intentional intelligence failures of the Biden regime had led to this World War IV.

Kash reveled the nefarious characters in the Biden regime who are making this possible. Kash Patel: There’s one individual in the White House. National security shop, head of intelligence programs. His name is Maher Bitar. Maher Bitar. Yes, remember that name. He is solely responsible for prioritizing what collection efforts on intelligence are tier one, two, three and four for President Biden. Why is this guy’s name important? Well, one, he used to work for Samantha Powers, but let’s put that aside in the United Nations. Two, we just found a photo of Maher Battar recently wearing Palestinian garb, raising a hand behind a picture that said, we want Jewish apartheid. This is the guy in charge of intelligence operations for the United States of America. Maher Bitar, the Senior Director for Intelligence Programs under Joe Biden – Kanekoa the Great. Kash continues…

Kash Patel: Step two Robert Malley, Biden’s number one envoy, the guy that’s supposed to be keeping us out of war in Iran had his clearance, security clearance suspended by Chris Wray’s FBI, of all people, just two months ago! You got to ask why? They won’t publicly release it. Well, let me tell you why. Because an individual named Ariane Tabatabai, who, by the way, is currently running our special operations office at the department of Defense, was installed there by Robert Malley? Yes, the former presidential envoy to Iran installed this Iranian national to that position in DoD. – And do you know what she did in 2014? She emailed the Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, and asked for permission as a US. Citizen to take a trip on behalf of the US. Government. This individual is still employed at the Department of Defense as the assistant chief of staff for the special operations office. The Iranian regime has infiltrated the Biden administration.

More on Robert Malley here.

Kash is breaking down the nefarious actors in the Biden regime behind these suicidal positions that put Americans in danger today.

Watch the entire segment below.


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