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Biden & staff enable and encourage CCP to reset its tentacles into the USA

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) has spearheaded a report that is focused on the fundamental differences between Biden and President Trump on the CCP. Biden has a complicated set of issues in dealing with the CCP because of the irregular nature of the business dealings that he and Hunter Biden had with the CCP and CCP owned entities. The Report also introduces new legislation that will keep Biden and the CCP in check.

Biden actual and pending executive actions:

  • USA re-entered the pro CCP and conflicted WHO

  • The CCP and other hostile regimes have been granted access to the United States power grid through a Biden EO

  • Gina Raimonda, Nominee for the Secretary of Commerce has refused to keep Huawei on the "Entities List" (this "entities list" identifies reserved companies that pose a potential threat to USA)

  • Biden has delayed the enforcement of Donald Trump’s executive order that prevents companies owned by the CCP/PLA from doing business in the United States of America

Pro-CCP Biden appointments & nominees:

  • National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

  • UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield

  • Undersecretary of Defense Colin Kahl

  • Secretary of State Tony Blinken

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

  • Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas

  • CIA director William Burns

The RSC proposes 5 pieces of legislation:

  1. Stop funding the People’s Liberation Army

  2. Place restrictions on the acquisitions made by the CCP/PRC in USA

  3. The creation of an online consumer protection act aimed at protecting US consumers from the CCP and its entities.

  4. Safe Career transitions for intelligence officers. For example, keeping an eye on intel officers after they have served the US Government and obtained "top secret" information.

  5. Creation of a "National Security Professionals & Protect Our Universities Act".

Other proposals found in the RSC include

  • Huawei being cut out of US market

  • Chinese US visa holders must disclose to the DHS any funds received from the CCP

  • Chinese propaganda sources including the Confucius Institute must provide transparency to families and students regarding its relationship to the CCP

  • Think tanks and nonprofits to disclose funding from the CCP of amounts more than $50,000 per year

  • Visa holders must disclose to DHS if the students and their research is funded by the CCP

  • Prevent CCP from accessing our power grid

  • Require an investigation and report into US taxpayer money going into efforts to help CCP/PLA anywhere in the world

  • Permanently remove the USA from The WHO due to the compromised relationship with the CCP and the WHO role in covering up the origins of the CCP Virus

  • Prevent CCP officials and senior members from entering the US until CCP stops its theft of US intellectual property

Here is the conclusion of the RSC report

"Despite tough talk on China, such as Secretary Blinken saying that Trump was right to take a tougher approach to China, the Biden administration’s actions have shown they will do the opposite. Fundamentally, the Biden administration’s approach to China reflects much of the failed policies, and failed team, of the Obama administration, which saw China not as a competitor, but as a nation that could be engaged on a whole host of issues from climate change to global development. Rather than pushing China out of key regions such as the Middle East or Africa, the Biden team welcomes Chinese expansion in these areas, and believes in the old failed “win-win” approach of cooperation with the CCP - cooperation which threatens international security and undermines our alliances around the world. The CCP is seeking to fundamentally reorder the international system in its image based on Communist authoritarianism. The US cannot afford to return to leading from behind and the failed policies of the past. By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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