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BMJ Global Health Study: Gates-backed 'Scientists' & NGO's Smugly Predict Deadly Climate Pandemics

Gates-backed Scientists Predict Deadly Climate Pandemics

Researchers suggest mRNA vaccines may protect against climate-driven viruses

By: Yudi Sherman

November 6, 2023: A study published Thursday in BMJ Global Health warns that “climate change” and deforestation will cause an exponential increase in deaths from certain viruses.

Researchers from Ginkgo Bioworksa major biotech firm backed by globalist billionaire Bill Gates — studied historical trends among several viruses between 1963 and 2019. They found that deaths from SARS Coronavirus 1, Filoviruses, Machupo virus, and Nipah virus have been increasing exponentially and are likely to increase 12-fold by 2050 if “climate change” is not solved.

According to the World Health Organization’s One Health agenda, “climate change” is the driving factor behind human health. For example, warmer climates can fuel tick infestations which can bring with them deadly diseases, and changing weather patterns can cause avian flu spread.

Therefore, the One Health agenda states that because pandemic diseases are zoonotic and spread from animals to humans, human health must be viewed in the context of animals and the environment or what is called the “human-animal-environment interface.”

“Climate and land-use changes are predicted to increase the frequency of zoonotic spillover events, which have been the cause of most modern epidemics,” wrote the researchers, who suggest that several measures — including mRNA vaccines — be implemented to defend against climate pandemics.

“[R]apid development of messenger RNA vaccines, implementation of focused surveillance at key travel hubs and congregate settings such as schools and universities using passive wastewater testing and active testing, and genomic surveillance to detect emerging variants have all demonstrated immense value in improving resiliency to public health threats,” concluded the study.

Vaccine makers have also been calling for vaccinations against “climate change.” Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca in June declared “climate change” to be a public health crisis, sparking concerns that the pharma industry may play a role in climate mandates. His remarks came two months after drugmaker Sanofi’s Executive Vice President of Vaccines Thomas Triomphe penned an article titled “Vaccine innovation is a critical response to the climate crisis.”

In May the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new initiative to “discover” pandemics caused by “climate change.”

Rockefeller’s $5 million investment in the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence will “cultivate global networks” to detect pathogens and diseases “worsened by rising temperatures and extreme weather.”

The globalist organization suggests that it will not only look for climate-induced pandemics; it will declare any new pandemic as having been caused by “climate change.”

“Climate change is increasing both the risk of another global pandemic and the need to collaborate and share data,” said Rockefeller Foundation President Dr. Rajiv Shah in a statement. “Fortunately, the WHO Pandemic Hub is already making us smarter and safer by helping track threats, find solutions, and connect countries and continents. We’re proud to partner with the Hub to expand its focus on preventing pandemics fueled by climate change.”

One of the tools that will be used to “detect” climate pandemics is, an initiative founded by Rockefeller and Mastercard and funded by Microsoft, the British government, and dozens of other partners. runs the Capacity Accelerator Network (CAN), whose aim is to flood the public space with research showing how everything is impacted by “climate change,”

particularly health. In Africa, for example, where hundreds of thousands of people die each year from malaria, will show how the disease’s parasites are affected by the weather. The malaria victims could then be said to have died from “climate change.” This will influence government policies.

By 2032, the organization hopes to build a one million-man army of operatives across several sectors. These operatives will use their positions to further the climate pandemic narrative. Academics will create the research and make it part of their curricula, media operatives will publicize it, social media censors will suppress debate on the issue, and government lawmakers will create the policies.

“Through its Capacity Accelerator Network, or CAN, is committed to training 1 million, purpose-driven data practitioners by 2032 through a global ecosystem of academic, philanthropic, social impact, government, and private sector partners,” explains a sponsored article from “The aim is to build talent to solve systemic challenges such as those at the intersection of climate change and health.”

The CAN initiative is already running in the US, Africa, and India.

“[O]ur number one objective is to create an accelerator — or a network of networks — within India that results in a unified ecosystem of practitioners, universities, government entities, and private sector organizations who are all focused on building talent to address systemic challenges across health and climate,” said’s Chief Data and Technology Officer Uyi Stewart.


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