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Body Language Expert: Fauci & members of his "Covid Cartel" exhibit the ultimate in innate arrogance

November 30, 2021: The next time you consider believing or following the orders of Anthony Fauci and his "Covid Cartel", think again. Senator Rand Paul repeatedly draws out the worst in Fauci. Body language experts and psychologists describe the unhinged and arrogant character of Fauci as "extremely troubling" given his "insulated" position of power and his long history of lying under oath and constantly putting society at risk through his direct funding of "mad science" (gain-of-function research).

Take note of the Bombard's body language analysis of Fauci in the video provided. There can only be one conclusion: Fauci is not to be trusted and nobody calls this out more effectively than Dr. Rand Paul.

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