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Brad Raffensperger Finally Acknowledges Significant Voter Fraud In The 2020 General Election

Raffensperger said the following on Wednesday July 14th:

“Every time we think we’ve reached the peak of Fulton’s elections mismanagement issues, more comes to light.”

“I’ve been calling for change in Fulton since day one. Maintaining public confidence in our elections begins in Fulton County.”

“Now, with SB202, the State Election Board has the authority to make that happen. If Fulton County doesn’t take action to clean their own house, then I re-iterate my call that the State Election Board should use their new authority to clean it for them.”

Brad Raffensperger and Gabe Sterling are encouraged by experts such as Steven K Bannon to "lawyer up" because of the amount of evidence made public by VoterGA. It is believed that both Raffensperger and Sterling have serious legal issues forthcoming. It appears Raffensperger is worried about the ramifications of his dishonest and dilatory behavior. In the mean time the truth continues to haunt him and all the other GA establishment republicans.


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