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Brownstone Institute: "Lockdowns and the Left"

Lockdowns and the Left: Interview with Max Blumenthal

By: Brownstone Institute (Jeffrey Tucker)

October 4, 2022: Max Blumenthal, founder and editor of Grayzone, discusses the astonishing apostasy of the left in its overwhelming support of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, thus betraying every principle of human rights and civil liberties. As with so many from all political points of view, a strange orthodoxy took over mainstream opinion and thus corrupted every principle.

In this interview with Jeffrey Tucker, Blumenthal describes in detail what it has been like to be a true dissident and speculates about the political and ideological upheaval ongoing in the world of ideas and real politics today. Lockdowns, in short, tested everyone, most everyone with a public voice failed, and we are living through the results.

Source: Brownstone Institute

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