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Cambridge University’s "FUGLY" Professor of Hate & Racism

Professor of Hate and Racism Priyamvada Gopal

Cambridge University has proudly promoted professor Priyamvada Gopal after she tweeted: “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.” The same University canceled Jordan Peterson in March of last year because of his political views. “[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we expect all our staff and visitors to uphold our principles. There is no place here for anyone who cannot.” That is unless the person is a xenophobic white hating racist.

At the University of Chicago “White Lives Don’t Matter” is tolerated but, when world class economist Harald Uhlig criticized Black Lives Matter for supporting national defunding of the police, including a tweet that Black Lives Matter had “just torpedoed itself, with its full-fledged support of #defundthepolice.” After making these comments his contract with the Federal Reserve Bank was terminated, he was investigated by the university and was temporarily relieved of his position as an editor at the Journal of Political Economy.

At MIT, one of the Chaplains had to resign because he wrote that “In the wake of George Floyd’s death, most people in the country have framed this as an act of racism. I don’t think we know that. Many people have claimed that racism is a major problem in police forces. I don’t think we know that.”

The Sacramento Kings cut ties with announcer Grant Napear after he tweeted “ALL LIVES MATTER...EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!”

Wall Street Journal noted that “A Vermont principal was removed after posting on Facebook ‘I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter,’ but ‘Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I am a racist.’” Surely that statement isn’t more provocative than “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

Another Profile of Hate - Sarah Jeong of NYT

The New York Times refused to discipline Sarah Jeong of its editorial board even though she posted a series of egregiously racist tweets such as “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. that was my plan all along,” “Dumbass f*cking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” “Are white people genetically disposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins” and “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.” The same New York Times forced out its opinion editor for green-lighting an editorial from a prominent senator calling for the use of the military to quell violent unrest.

The Editor in Chief of The Philadelphia Inquirer was forced out because he allowed the headline “Buildings Matter, Too,” for a piece about the impact of property destruction. Most people seemed to like the actual editorial but the headline was seen as disrespectful to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dehumanizing white people has become part of pop culture and dangerous precedents are being set that are leading America down a path of disunity and hate.


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