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Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau is a failure and the international community knows it

April 18, 2021: Many articles have been written (in Canada and abroad) that highlight the feckless, ignorant, and smug leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In recent years, most Canadians have noticed an arrogance with Trudeau that seems to come from his ‘dealings’ with the CCP and a cast of nefarious European power brokers (like George Soros and Klaus Schwab). Canadians have also been able to ‘connect the dots’ as the most loathed and unqualified Canadian PM in their history managed to ‘sneak’ through the last Canadian federal election (October 21, 2021) with the ‘help’ of his close friends at Dominion Voting Systems. To the informed Canadian and with the help of hindsight, it has never been more obvious that Trudeau stole a ‘minority of seats’ victory through the trickery and election fraud techniques that have become the well-established hallmark of Dominion Voting Systems - Americans can appreciate the voting fraud that comes with Dominion all too well!

Several Canadian subscribers to the EA website have requested insights regarding the perception of the international community regarding Canada and its ‘leader’ Justin Trudeau. Extremely American has taken this request seriously and is pleased to present an independent survey (conducted in Florida) to add anecdotal support to comments and conclusions offered in this brief article.

Canadians will find the results of the Extremely American survey conducted in Florida most intriguing. The EA survey was conducted from April 12 to April 17 across three cities in Florida (Tampa, Clearwater, and Sarasota) and involved a random sample of 40 respondents. Canadian travelers were not included in the survey as the objective of this survey was to gain a sense of the international impression of Justin Trudeau and the prospects for Canada in the coming years through a non-Canadian perspective. The survey was comprised of 4 questions with a finite number of simple survey response options. Canadians will likely not be surprised by the results of this simple survey but, no doubt, will be furious about a reputation of disgrace and failure being caused by their controversial and overly-woke ‘leader’. The results of the survey are offered below:

[1] The 40 survey respondents were asked, “Do you know the name of the Canadian Prime Minister?”:

- 28 of the 40 respondents could name the Canadian Prime Minister, all others could not provide his name (70% of total surveyed could identify the Canadian PM)

[2] Of the 28 participants who knew the name of the Canadian PM, they were asked “Which word best describes the nature of Prime Minister Trudeau’s leadership”:

(A) ‘Strong’: received 1 response (3.5%)

(B) ‘Average’: received 4 responses (14.2%)

(C) ‘Weak’: received 14 responses (50.0%)

(D) ‘Irrelevant’: received 9 responses (32.1%)

[3] Respondents (40 respondents) were asked to “Identify the term that best describes the identity of Canada”:

(A) ‘a free nation’: received 5 responses (12.5%)

(B) ‘a free democracy’: received 7 responses (17.5%)

(C) ‘a socialist nation’: received 19 responses (47.5%)

(D) ‘a socialist nation controlled by the CCP’: received 9 responses (22.5%)

[4] Forty (40) respondents were asked to “Identify the term that best describes the future of Canada”:

(A) ‘free & prosperous’: received 0 responses (0%)

(B) ‘free’: received 6 responses (15%)

(C) ‘prosperous’: received 1 response (2.5%)

(D) ‘promising’: received 4 responses (10%)

(E) ‘deteriorating’: received 16 responses (40%)

(F) ‘grim’: received 13 responses (32.5%)

The results of this survey effectively serve as a troubling ‘scorecard’ against Justin Trudeau and the Canadian reputational damage he is causing. EA can assume that most Canadians do not appreciate the fact that their Prime Minister has most people outside of the country thinking of Canada as a ‘deteriorating’, ‘unfree’, ‘socialist’ nation with a ‘grim’ future. Canadians attempting to endure the egregious mismanagement of its economy, its public health policies, and its Charter of Rights must only look at the failed leadership of Trudeau and a large collection of spineless and self-serving politicians to mark the origin of blame. Similarly, most Canadians would view the 82.1% of survey respondents who view Trudeau as either ‘weak’ or ‘irrelevant’ as a national disgrace and a situation that must be addressed. In the coming weeks, EA will continue to conduct other independent surveys to provide Canadians with a reliable and authentic picture that is not being offered by mainstream media and journalists in Canada.

Fortunately, there are other sources of credible evidence that are consistent with the findings of our EA survey. For example, Christopher di Armani has published several scathing assessments of Trudeau and the damage he has done to Canada’s reputation and to the well-being and prosperity of Canadians. In December 2020, di Armani wrote ‘Virtue Signaling vs Action: Another Liberal Failure, Another National Disgrace’. With Bill C-15 as the backdrop, di Armani presented a typical display of empty virtue signaling by Trudeau and rightfully concluded that, “If Justin Trudeau is faced with a choice between solving a problem or talking about solving the problem, Trudeau will opt for useless chatter and virtue-signaling every time. Like all of Trudeau’s virtue-signaling, Bill C-15 is all but meaningless beyond the photo ops and press conferences it generates for the prime minister.” (IPIRF - Christopher di Armani; December 4, 2020)

As Canadians come to grips with the fact that Trudeau has established a firm and devastating pattern of selling out Canadian interests to the interests and agendas of global elites (including selling-out the future of Canadians to the interests of the CCP), there should be a directly proportional response of opposition to Trudeau and other key members of his cabinet who are guilty of the same generational crimes against Canadians. The excessive abuse of authority during the Covid pandemic is not a secret and it is shaping the international impression of what Canada has become and who is at fault (specifically, Justin Trudeau and other similarly weak political ‘leaders’ in Canada). It is time for Canadians to energetically and visibly act against Trudeau and other corrupt politicians who have stolen the great legacy of Canada and put future Canadian generations at grave risk. The EA survey presented, above, is a simple but alarming signal that Canada’s ‘dirty secret’ (i.e., Trudeau’s failed leadership) is putting all Canadians at risk – and the international community is clearly aware of Canada’s ‘dirty secret’. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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