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Canada’s Silent Majority is Getting Louder … Let's See Action, Let's Remove Trudeau!

September 6, 2021: This Sixteen-year-old Canadian high school student (going by the initials ML) lays out the case to remove Trudeau from office on September 20. Canadian voters would do well to take the advice of this student as he likely reflects the majority of children across the country who hold a similar position but are often discouraged from voicing their opinions due to classrooms across the country that are dominated by teachers who are obsessed with peddling socialist ideology and progressive dogma. This student has taken the time to research the upcoming election and call on Canadians to remove Trudeau - the conclusion is that Canadians' choice is limited to two party options (the People's Party or the Conservatives). He has high hopes that a new political leadership team in Canada will steer this nation away from the tyranny of globalism and unhinged socialism seen elsewhere in the world today. ML is well ahead of his years in terms of national awareness and political savvy - enjoy this read.

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A Canadian Political Update and Rally-Call by Extremely American Contributor ML

With the 2021 Canadian Federal Election less than 20 days away, the Conservatives have managed to take a significant lead in several projection polls. Though the polls are only seen as projections, this awakening of the Canadian population is what is needed to give the Conservatives a shot at winning the election and saving Canada from the radical tyranny being imposed by our weak, fraudulent, and low-IQ leader Justin Trudeau. The restrictive socialist policies that have been imposed by the Liberals and supported by the NDP for over 5 years such as a skyrocketing progressive carbon tax, nationwide freedom-restricting lockdowns, excessive spending, problematic immigration policies, deadly drug legalizations, supporting terrorist organizations, and restricting/re-writing medical and historic information have been enough to turn Canada from a thriving democracy under Stephen Harper into a Marxist one-party rule system (referring to the alliance between the Liberals and the NDP).

The table below illustrates where the 6 biggest parties in Canada stand on 7 of Canada’s most well-known election polls (parties with under 1% of the projected vote were not included in this poll):

This spike in Conservative support is surely a step in the right direction for Canada, but come election day, the Conservatives will need every vote they can get in order to win an election that will be skewed in favor of the Liberals, much like how the Democrats stole the 2020 US Presidential Election. Methods of election fraud that were used by Joe Biden’s party in States like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania (just to name a few) will be used by the Liberals (aided by direct interference and funding from global interests) in some of Canada’s closest ridings. These methods of cheating can turn a convincing election win for the Conservatives into a neck-and-neck margin and swing.

As a 16-year-old Ontarian, a Conservative federal government this fall means I will not need to worry about hyperinflation, costly tax hikes, a system full of one-sided information, censorship, and unnecessary vaccination in order to live a normal life and make a living. Another term of Justin Trudeau will only make living more unaffordable, intensify information censorship, strengthen terrorist organizations, weaken Canadian mental health, and further indoctrinate our youth to live in a society where the system only pads the interests of the elite and rewards those non-contributing members of society for doing nothing – all while the middle class works the hardest and bears the majority share of the tax burden.

Trudeau’s “glamorous” and superficial policies are layered with darkness all throughout, which is why voting Conservative must be your plan in order to prevent a communist takeover as seen in the past when radical socialist policies are introduced without limits. If concerns exist about the Conservative campaign platform, the obvious "pure" alternative is the People's Party which offers the most authentic form of traditional, patriotic, and freedom-centric principles. Trudeau has managed to create the biggest mess of a first-world country seen so far in the 21st century. His momentum as Prime Minister must be stopped in order to preserve the potential of our country and the prosperity of future generations.

By: Extremely American & Canadian Contributor ML

Appendix: Trending from Aggregated Polling Averages

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