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Canadian Call-to-Action: File a complaint about tyranny with your local MP's & regional Senators

February 17, 2022: This is an urgent call-to-action. All concerned Canadian patriots should immediately contact their respective MP's and regional Senators.

Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and the Liberal Cabinet are abusing their authority and the laws of Canada to cover up their failed policies and disguise their Covid public health overreach. Please let your MP & Senators know you object to tyranny and the use of your Canadian laws and acts to attack peaceful Canadian citizens without cause.

The actions of Trudeau and his Liberal Cabinet are outrageous, not to mention treasonous. Your MP's and Senators must hear your objections daily until they openly renounce the actions of the Trudeau government - otherwise, your Canadian freedom is at stake.


If you oppose the unwarranted use of the "Emergencies Act", please immediately contact your local MP and Senator.

There are two contacts that need your input. Your message to your MP and Senator should be clear.

Find your two contacts (MP and Senator) by using these links.

(1) The first is your Member of Parliament.

(2) Then second is the Senator representing your region

Sample Letter / Script:

Dear Member or Senator,

I am writing you today regarding recent events regarding the "Freedom Convoy" in Ottawa, the "Emergencies Act" is not the solution to end this protest, in fact, it will only get worse should this take place.

As a Canadian, this is unacceptable that our country is trying to remove the rights and freedoms of individuals and even worse a government that threatened bank accounts, fines, seizures.

Parking large vehicles and honking is civil disobedience that can be tolerated without the use of police forces. The protest which has already been underway for the past 20 days has been entirely peaceful.

Bouncy castles, hot tubs, hockey games, families with children enjoying sharing their protest signs is not a national emergency threatening democracy in Canada. It's only enhancing it.

Do not vote in favor of the "Emergencies Act" to be used against a peaceful protest which the world has never seen before.


Your Name

Postal Code

** Don't allow intimidation to silence your voice. **

People's Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada • Parti Libéral du Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

New Democratic Party of Canada

Bloc Quebecois

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