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Canadian Doctors emerge with rising concerns - Dr. Patrick Phillips Press Video

June 25, 2021: Canadian doctors are moving forward in larger numbers as front line experiences by our physicians and nurses raise serious concerns about the linear and unchallenged Covid public health policies sweeping countries around the world. In this powerful example, Dr. Patrick Phillips (a physician working out of Ontario's Englehart Hospital), stepped up to the podium at a recent Canadian medical press conference. The courageous and caring words of Dr. Phillips offer insights that all Canadians must be made aware of (please watch the 5-minute video provided).

All Canadians should demand a response from the College of Physicians of Ontario and those of all other Canadian provinces. The politicization of Canada's College of Physicians and Surgeons is unacceptable, as is their clear and blatant attempts to bully and censor committed doctors across the country. Canadians deserve better. The world should take note of this disturbing fact pattern in Canada and ensure their respective medical agencies and authorities are not compromised or under duress from skewed political agendas.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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