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Canadian Employment Law does NOT permit an employer to force its employees to vaccinate

September 6, 2021: Under Canadian Employment Law, it is clear that employers do not have legal grounds to terminate an employee strictly on the grounds of their vaccination status. There are nuances between provinces, business sectors, and employment roles, however, employment law in Canada is structured to protect employees against any form of discriminatory and unlawful company policies.

The topic of unlawful employers threatening to impose penalties (from suspension to termination) against unvaccinated employees continues to be a hot topic for Canadians in all areas of the economy. Indeed, many Canadians are dealing with rogue employers that are attempting to use force, coercion, and duress to impose their will against individuals who simply want to exercise their right to make private/informed health decisions without interference from a meddling employer.

For those employees currently enduring unlawful intimidation tactics by an employer, the following best practices apply:

(1) Immediately target and hire a reputable employment lawyer

(2) Immediately research civil rights and labour law in Canada

(3) Attempt to rally with likeminded colleagues and challenge your employer as a group (if possible and if advised by your employment lawyer)

(4) Do not be forced into any action by your employer and avoid signing any documentation without the active support of legal counsel

(5) Thoroughly document every form of correspondence from your employer (written and verbal) and alert your employment lawyer if and when threatened by your employer

(6) Be firm with (and committed to) your personal health interests, concerns, and beliefs (especially if you feel they are being threatened by the actions of your employer)

Any employer proceeding with unlawful termination of any employee based on vaccine status is discriminatory and a blatant violation of human civil rights in Canada. Wrongful dismissal and human rights violations, such as this, produce the firm legal grounds for large legal / financial settlements (based on unjustifiable damages to the employee) and will require the support of a good employment lawyer to ensure your interests are protected.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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