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Canadians are leaving Canada in droves as a result of "jurisdictional risk" & a rogue Prime Minister

March 19, 2022: As Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and the Liberal 'Globalist' Party drive the Canadian economy off a cliff and strip away most Canadian civil rights, informed Canadians (and their wealth) are now exiting Canada at record levels. Although this exodus from Canada is largely led by affluent citizens, a sizeable and growing portion are younger (less affluent) citizens who see the writing on the wall for intergenerational damage being caused by Trudeau and his treasonous mission to bury Canada in an unwanted globalist (WEF) form of authoritarianism.

The video provided, here, should give all Canadians pause for thought. Consider the economic peril facing Canada's future and consider the recent tangible examples of Canadian politicians overtly stripping away any semblance of basic civil rights and freedoms.

There is a world of opportunity and freedom outside of Canada - hedge your bets, do your research, and develop a backup plan as soon possible.

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The Nomad Capitalist

Additional article regarding citizenship-based taxation in Canada and how it may become a reality:

''Canadian families and entrepreneurs are fleeing for better climes'' (

A record number of Canadians are exploring ways to leave their country for good and they're taking their wealth with them. There are many reasons for this trend, including new and radical tax proposals from Canadian politics. In this video, Andrew Henderson shares an article about how Canadians are "Fleeing with their Wealth" and explains high level secrets to attaining and preserving generational wealth. Some of the best places / destinations for Canadians (and their wealth) are also discussed.

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00:27 News about Canada

01:36 “Rule No.1: Never lose money.” – Warren Buffett

03:10 Investing in Cambodia

04:51 Canada vs. Global

06:20 Government of Canada

07:20 Living in Canada

08:47 Living in the USA

10:17 Leaving Canada

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