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CBS 60 Minutes: An excellent source of pure Journalistic Manure

April 7, 2021: In yet another display of pure journalistic deceit and fraud, CBS 60 Minutes confirmed its objective of attaining elite status as a leading ‘smear merchant’ and member of the fake media and journalism cartel. Most informed viewers have noticed a palpable and shameful decline in CBS’s journalistic integrity over recent years. Their coverage has been skewed, partial, and completely devoid of any intellectual honesty and integrity and their cast of ‘actors’ (aka journalists) have absolutely no remaining credibility or trust with their viewers. Not to be outdone with the bombastic dishonesty of their peers at CNN and MSNBC, CBS, and its 60 Minutes ‘clown show’ recently raised the stakes on disgraceful fake journalism by blatantly manipulating a story (and video footage!) involving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The CBS 60 minutes weekend coverage, which was nothing more than a baseless and premeditated attack on Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, has proven to be 100% false and manipulative. The CBS attack on Governor DeSantis was particularly sinister as the failing news network attempted to attack political leaders, citizens, and companies residing in Florida. Clearly the success and promise of Florida has become a lightening rod of jealousy for poorly managed blue states and the socialist media networks tasked with undermining anything and anyone that shines light on the failures of the Democrat Party and their unethical fake corporate media agents (like CBS, CNN, and MSNBC).

Before delving into the details of the fictional and manipulative CBS 60 Minutes weekend coverage of Governor DeSantis, it is a good idea to highlight the success of Governor DeSantis in the State of Florida (particularly over the past year). Governor DeSantis highlights include:

- Overseeing and ensuring safe, secure, and ‘pristine’ elections

- Governing his sate responsibly through the pandemic and beyond

- Managing Florida as an ‘open and vibrant’ state throughout the pandemic

- Operating the state with a zero personal income tax rate and a marginal corporate tax rate below 5%, making it the unanimous object of attraction for anyone outside of the state

- Florida’s economy remained buoyant throughout the pandemic and is accelerating to pre-pandemic levels more quickly than any other state

- Masterfully addressing technology giants with a firm stance and state level laws aimed at limiting tech-tyrant censorship and bullying/abusive methods of doing business

- Florida net flows of migration are the best in the nation and trending at all-time record-setting levels (tourism and permanent migration data underscore this point)

- Statistical proxies expressing statewide sentiment for ‘quality of living’ remains well in front of any other states in the US

- Florida was the first state to ‘put seniors first’ and focus precisely on the well-being of our seniors unlike Cuomo and Newsom (to date, 3.5 million Florida seniors have been vaccinated, more than any other state)

- Protecting the individual constitutional rights of Floridians by holding a firm position against excessive mask-fascism, lockdowns, and vaccine passports (unlike most other states)

- Holding firm against the racist elements of progressive socialism particularly as it relates to critical race theory and systemic cancel culture (within government, academia, and corporations)

- Florida continues to be a harmonious diverse state, multicultural state, and multilingual state under this Governor’s leadership (a single trip to Florida will provide ample first-hand evidence of racial and ethnic cohesion and a general ‘happiness’ within the Floridian society)

This sample of Florida’s success and vigor through the pandemic proves that Governor DeSantis is running the most successful platform and set of policies of any State in the US. The fact that Governor DeSantis is a Republican running against the progressive grain of fatally flawed Democrat Party policies makes him a primary target of attack by DNC sponsored fake and disreputable media networks like CBS.

Over Easter weekend, CBS 60 Minutes aired a story on Florida's vaccine rollout accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of making a corrupt deal with Publix (a Florida based grocer and pharmacy) to distribute the Covid vaccine. CBS reporter (and officially discredited) Sharyn Alfonsi accused the Publix grocery chain of donating $100,000 to the 2020 DeSantis' election campaign and alleged the lucrative vaccination contract was a ‘pay-to-play’ scheme. This weak but hostile accusation has proven not to hold any water whatsoever – in fact, the records show that Publix donations were balanced evenly between both parties during the 2020 election cycle. More importantly, the decision to have Publix coordinate vaccination efforts was not even made by the Governor DeSantis but rather by Jared Moskowitz (a Democrat in charge of the Florida Division of Emergency Management). According to Moskowitz, Publix was easily the best store for the job of vaccinating Floridians given that it has more than 800 locations across the state. (Newscom - Robby Soave; April 5, 2021)

Sharyn Alfonsi’s full set of lies were exposed during a press conference – the conference gave Governor DeSantis the perfect opportunity to corner CBS and its hack reporter Alfonsi on film. Governor DeSantis began exposing CBS ‘reporter’/activist Alfonsi by pointing out that Publix did not even get the vaccines first - CVS and Walgreens were the first pharmacies contracted to coordinate vaccination for long-term care LTC) facilities in Florida - so CBS and their reporter lied outright. The transcript below offers the tone and content of Governor DeSantis’ response to the CBS reporter:

First of all, the first pharmacies that had it [the vaccine] were CVS and Walgreens. And they had a long-term care mission. So, they were going to the long-term care facilities. They got vaccines in the middle of December, they started going to the long-term care facilities the third week of December to do LTC’s. So that was their mission. That was especially important. And we trusted them to do that. As we got into January, we wanted to expand the distribution points. So yes, you had the counties, you had some drive through sites, you had hospitals that were doing a lot, but we wanted to get it into even more communities. So, we reached out to other retail pharmacies—Publix, Walmart—obviously, CVS and Walgreens had to finish that mission. And we said, we are going to use you as soon as you are done with that project. For the Publix chain, they were the first one to raise their hand, saying they were ready to go.

Remarkably but predictably, CBS removed this important portion of the Governor’s response to the CBS ‘reporter’. Indeed, the CBS 60 Minutes story conveniently reduced the Governor’s actual two-minute response to just a few seconds. (Newscom - Robby Soave; April 5, 2021) This was clearly not a case of a journalist condensing the essence of what a source stated: CBS’s Alfonsi blatantly ignored the part of the governor's statement that refuted her fraudulent and malicious narrative, and instead included a ‘spliced’ comment to give the appearance of combative exchange by Governor DeSantis.

True to form, other ‘partners’ in media and social media, are doing a combination of ‘media triage’, censorship, and suppression to prevent people from seeing just how disgusting and disgraceful CBS and 60 Minutes were in covering this false and contrived story intended to harm Governor DeSantis and the residents of Florida. (Liberty Beacon; April 6, 2021) It should be noted that Governor DeSantis’ full and complete YouTube video response (video footage that is exculpatory in the court of law) has mysteriously vanished after conservatives and patriots began sharing the video in what had become an online viral effect. Other mainstream media (competitors to CBS) remain conspicuously silent regarding this CBS debacle and sample of foul-smelling “journalistic manure”.

The take-aways from this article are relatively straight-forward. The ongoing success of Governor DeSantis and Florida is triggering jealously and embarrassment from the DNC and their mainstream media “hitmen”. CBS and its so-called ‘Gold Star of Journalism’ 60 Minutes is nothing more than pure trash and an unreliable source of information. Lastly, Governor DeSantis is far too intelligent, accomplished, and courageous to ever fall victim to the media ‘smear merchants’ who are incapable of anything other than lying to and deceiving their viewer base. CBS and 60 Minutes should be dismissed as journalistic “manure” and their cast of ‘anchors’ viewed as actors who are exclusively in the business of spinning lies and propaganda in exchange for political favor and financial kickbacks from the establishment. For more information regarding the disreputable nature of mainstream media, consider referring to this prior EA exclusive:

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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