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CDC & its 'Empty' Update: About Scam(n) Time!

May 14, 2021: On May 13, 2021, Rochelle Walenski (Director of the Center for Disease Control - CDC) announced new guidance regarding wearing masks. Fully vaccinated individuals can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities mask-less. The timing to this “milestone” announcement, however, is not without suspicion. Obviously, there is internal data that the credibility of the CDC and other government health “experts” is waning. Just two days prior to this announcement, the CDC Director mentioned she would not send her child to camp without a mask. Dr. Fauci appeared on 3 Sunday shows advocating vaccinated mask wearing to protect from “variants”. And no, less than a week later another guideline that not wearing masks is safe for vaccinated individuals. Interestingly, no data or clinical trials were cited to support this decision. The only justification to support this decision was over 250 million individuals had received at least one vaccination shot. Two days prior, when asked what threshold of vaccinations would be needed to achieve herd immunity. Fauci replied, “I don’t know”.

Relaxing the mask guidelines has very little to do with science or public health. Since last summer most conservative led states and municipalities have been open. But to maintain this scam and any future health scam, the health organizations cannot afford to lose credibility, even among those who are easily lead.

While the mainstream will trumpet this announcement as a major milestone in the fight against COVID, absent in the headlines are documentable economic inflation, low labor participation, misguided immigration policy, and an active foreign cyber-attack which has led to a short supply in gasoline. If covered objectively one would conclude we have rudderless leadership. The corrupt mainstream media are running out of thumbs to keep the dam from ultimately breaking. So, making a “big” announcement of relax guidelines is a feigned diversionary tactic to provide cover/camouflage for the real calamities caused by these misguided policies.

By: Extremely American Georgia-based Contributing Journalist Eric Dobbs


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