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CDC, Worldometers, Walgreens Data: COVID Virus Infects Vaxxed at a Rate of 7:1 over Unvaxxed

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Virus Hits 7:1 Vaxxed Over Unvaxxed

Data analyst Ethical Skeptic concludes from CDC, Worldometers, Walgreens data: “A 7:1 appetite in the virus for the recently vaccinated”

By: Colleen Huber

November 3, 2022: We have seen repeat bouts of COVID among such vaccine promoters as the Bidens, Fauci, Walensky, et al.

Could this abysmal negative efficacy of the COVID vaccines have something to do with the immune impairment that some of us were warning about since way back BEFORE most people had taken the COVID shots? I was removed from Twitter permanently the same day, 2/19/21, that I promised a Twitter follower that the above article would be coming out shortly. How high would COVID vaccine uptake have been if critics like me had not been removed from Twitter and suppressed on Facebook?

Here is what the public was not allowed to see, in the heyday of vaccine mania, just a year and a half ago:

A vaccine that makes you more likely to catch the disease it’s named for is not such an appealing proposition, and is not worth taking.

And this is aside from the vast deaths and injuries that have followed those highly toxic vaccines in all age groups.

Now data analyst “Ethical Skeptic” has compiled updates of some of the databases (Walgreens, Worldometers, CDC) that I examined in my book Neither Safe Nor Effective, and sees from the most recent data that COVID vaccinated people are seven times as likely to test positive for COVID as the unvaccinated, after adjusting for proportion of the population in each category and testing penetration in each group. Yes, it is possible that the unvaccinated may feel less interested in COVID testing, but have been more bullied into testing by employers and others (Graph 4 below).

Accounting for such influences, here is Ethical Skeptic’s breakdown, with gradual zoom-ins to that tweet:

This was Ethical Skeptic’s earlier conclusions of the data as of October 18, 2022, in which a 4:1 preference for the vaxxed over unvaxxed by the virus had become apparent.

Source: Epoch Health


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