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Censorship has forced Americans to Solve Election Fraud on their own

Blatant censorship has forced Americans in pursuit of honest news to resort new sources of information including Telegram and Signal. These are two fast growing services and they serve as excellent platforms to view a "stack" of information that is constantly flowing without the censorship from the "Media, Technology and Government Complex".

Experts have found that it takes time for even the most sophisticated news junkies to navigate through the free speech platforms in pursuit of trusted information. Common sense will be your best guide to avoiding non-credible communities that use Signal and Telegram to disseminate bad information.

David K Clements uses Telegram to Consolidate the Election Integrity Community

A link to the "crowd sourcing" service telegram is provided to the left. Think of telegram as a text chain with a massive distribution list that streams a large amount of information. Creating and joining groups using these free speech platforms is easy and empowering. David K Clements provides an excellent example of how best to use Telegram to create force multipliers within a community. (A force multiplier is a person that is highly effective at messaging and willing to message to a community one person at a time)

A new telegram group established by attorney David K Clements is called The Professor's Record and has quickly become a popular and powerful resource for those interested in participating in the election integrity movement. In fact, the dishonest behavior of FaceBook, Twitter, Google and Apple has actually helped those looking to fight election fraud because it forced the election integrity community to get better organized on a platform that allows for free speech. Experts agree that the user experience on Telegram is superior to that offered by FaceBook or Twitter which has come as a pleasant surprise to users.

Those interested in joining the election integrity movement are encouraged to download the Telegram application and join the following groups. Those that already use Telegram should join the following groups to fight election fraud.

The three big channels for national election integrity are:




Examples of State Election Integrity Channels:

AL @ABAuditChat

CA @CalAuditChat

CO @COAuditChat

FL @FLAuditChat

GA @GAelectionauditchat

IL @ILAuditChat

LA @LAAuditChat

MI @MichiganAuditChat

MN @MNAuditChat

MO @MOAuditChat

NC @NCAuditChat

NH @NHAuditChat

NJ @NJAuditChat

NV @NevadaAuditChat

NY @NYAuditChat

OK @OKAuditChat

OR @ORAuditChat

PA @PennAuditChat

SC @SCAuditChat

TX @TXAuditChat

VA @VaAuditChat

WA @WAAuditChat

WI @WIAuditChat

CT @CtAuditChat

HI @HIAuditChat

ME @MEAuditChat

MA @MAAuditChat

NM @NMAuditChat

OH @OhioAuditChat

KY @KYAuditChat

AK @AKAuditChat

ND @NDAuditChat

IA @IAFAuditChat

DE @DEAuditChat

WY @WYFAuditChat

MS @MSAuditChat

WV @WVAuditChat

UT @UTAuditChat

TN @TNAuditChat

IN @INAuditChat

KS @KSAuditchat

MD @MDAuditChat

The next phase in the battle for honest elections will include the formation of election integrity groups at the municipal and local levels. Ample proof of election fraud has been found at every level of government and joining an election integrity group at the national, state and local levels is an important first step to fighting against those promoting the existing corrupt election process.

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