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Changing Tide: MP Leslyn Lewis announces her support of the Freedom Convoy & our Patriotic Truckers

MP Leslyn Lewis Puts Her Support Behind The Trucker Convoy Heading To Ottawa

January 30, 2022: Haldimand-Norfolk MP Leslyn Lewis showing her support for truckers as they head to Ottawa.

In a social media post, Lewis said she was proud of the truckers in the trucker convoy and that a peaceful protest is a cornerstone of our democracy.

She went on to add the liberal mandates are “unscientific, vindictive, mean-spirited and promote segregation.”

She continued saying that the people have a moral obligation to oppose unjust laws and mandates.

Lewis joins a growing group of Conservative voices supporting this movement, with her comments being expressed online while sharing a post by former Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer.

Sheer is also in strong support of the convoy, stating Trudeau is attacking personal liberty and threatening everyone’s ability to get groceries because of his overreach on vaccine mandates.”

In contrast to statements like this, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says the big grocery chains and other retailers have assured him they have plenty of goods for their customers.

He says there’s no reason to fear a small minority of unvaccinated cross-border truckers will cause food shortages.

He is accusing Conservative politicians of exaggerating and embellishing supply chain issues and spreading fear.

Alghabra recently released a joint statement with the Canadian Trucking Alliance saying both the Federal Government and the CTA are in agreement with the vaccine mandate.

The CTA, for it’s part, had come forward a few days prior stating they strongly disapprove of any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges.

Source: The Canadian Press &


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