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Charlie Kirk Address: Notes on the “Top Five Lies about America” coming from the left

Mar 27, 2021: We live in a time when our left-leaning politicians, media, academia, entertainers, professional athletes, and corporate moguls spend every waking hour attempting to convince Americans and people around the world that the United States is broken and sinister in its heritage. Nothing could be further from the truth; however, endless propaganda (from all major cultural channels) has convinced many people that our great nation is something to be ashamed of. There could not be anything more evil to do to a nation than what our great nation has been subjected to over the past fifteen years. Although the camouflaged socialists and communists have been laying their tracks over the past century, their agenda hit a point of inflection when Obama came to power (in 2008) with vague utopian promises that became nothing more than plans to dismantle America and denigrate American history and tradition along the way. All the events leading up to the DNC theft of the 2020 election and the pure tyranny to follow have become a wake-up call to most Americans who love the country and have the awareness to see the diabolical forces at work.

During A March 25th lecture in Lexington Kentucky, Turning Point USAS’s Charlie Kirk covered the topic of the forces that are on a mission to misinform our children and young adults. Our schools have been working feverishly over recent years to denigrate and dismantle our great history and legacy by using socialist doctrine and historical revisionism to “program” our children by hating our country and where we came from. EA covered the topic of Critical Race Theory and its role in undermining our children and our American heritage (for background on CRT, please refer to the EA’s exclusive March 25th article titled “White Fragility & Critical Race Theory”). Charlie Kirk’s Kentucky address was based on five themes that he considered most important for all Americans to be aware:

1. We were not founded on slavery, we were founded on freedom

2. America is not systemically racist, we are the least racist country in the history of the world

3. We are an exceptional nation that has made mistakes, but we are not a mistake

4. The political parties never switched, the “Southern Strategy” is a Democrat Party smear and lie

5. The Constitution is not outdated, its more applicable today than ever

Our children are being taught hatred of our country and a misrepresentation of who we are, why we are here, and what we believe in. The list of “five lies” provided in this article are not intended to be exhaustive but it is important for all parents to understand the nature of what our children are being taught. It is important to call out the fact that of the “five lies” are undergirded by anger, hostility, betrayal, ungratefulness, and a contempt for our founding fathers and our family lineage.

For your reference, EA has transcribed lecture notes from Charlie Kirk’s March 25th address in Kentucky. These are direct notes/quotes meant to be thought-starters in the categories highlighted - all patriotic parents should consider discussing this material with their children proper grounding in our nation's history and proper culture. As Charlie Kirk would say in his patented words, “Here – We – Go!”.

America was founded on Freedom

- The false accusation that America was founded on slavery is an intentionally lazy and inaccurate argument

- The accusation of slavery targets our founding fathers and intends to discredit their morality

- Our founding fathers believed in the bible, they believed our rights were given to us by God not from government, they believed we deserve to live a life as we see fit

- The “birth certificate’ of our nation was the Declaration of Independence where Thomas Jefferson wrote “we want to contest for the laws of nature; and nature as God”

- Thomas Jefferson’s writings, in fact, clearly blamed England’s King George for slavery saying “it is completely unacceptable to the new Union”

- One year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Vermont independently abolished slavery (in 1777) making it the first sovereign state in the history of the planet to officially abolish and ban slavery

- Historical records of Vermont’s decision to abolish slavery confirm that the decision was compelled directly from the writings of the Declaration of Independence

- The next example of slavery being abolished came from the Northwest Ordinance (following the Treaty of Paris in 1783); this ordinance was signed by George Washington and ratified by US Congress outlawing slavery in the first newly added territory of the Union (the Northwest Territory included the States now known as Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois)

- Thomas Jefferson, as one of his first acts as President, signed a moratorium of “no new slaves” allowed to be brought into the US this act was signed into law)

- Roughly 100 years later, when Martin Luther King Jr. was advocating for civil rights legislation, he said in no uncertain terms, “we are here to cash in on the promissory note of the founding fathers” – he never said we need to get rid of the Declaration or get rid the US Constitution but that we must pass the civil rights act to ensure that “all men are created equal” and that we should care more about character rather than the color of one’s own skin

- Unfortunately, modern / progressive racist dogma like critical race theory is teaching our children to obsess over skin color (not character)

- Slavery was a “human universal’ which was challenged by our founding fathers who took teachings of the bible seriously, challenged humankind to be better, and to create civil government to protect first principles – our founding fathers did their best to challenge the “human universal” of slavery and became the first leaders in all history to begin the process of systematically abolishing slavery

America is the least racist country in the world

- Thomas Sowell’s book “Discrimination and Disparities” claims that when there is a disparity you can not automatically blame discrimination

- This lie implies that America’s systemic racism is a product of our systems of law and commerce and are so broken that only white people can succeed – this is patently false

- White privilege is a racist myth that is rooted in bigotry trying to classify people based on their skin color

- if you are a racist, you have something to apologize for; if you are a white person who is not a racist, you have nothing to apologize for

- if someone tries to force you to apologize based on the color of your skin, they are the racist

- if analysis by color of skin is applied, the data reveals that Asian Americans and East Indian Americans are far wealthier than Caucasian Americans on average – but none of this should matter as it over-racializes based on the color of one’s own skin rather than the merits of their efforts

- The analysis of disparities should not be limited to race or skin color – The Hoover Institute offers incredible data analytics that leverages other circumstantial factors such as education, two-parent households, single parent households, families without father figures, number of children per family, and so on – all of which bear a large influence on patterns of disparity

America is an exceptional nation

- This is not intended to be a supremacist argument or provocative

- All human beings are created equal, all cultures are not created equal – this is what we know as diversity of culture and it is a good thing

- Statistics indicate that America is the wealthiest nation, most generous by any standard of charitable proxy, leads the world in terms of the size of its middle class, and is considered the most attractive nation in terms of net migration – Americans are proud of their exceptional status in the global arena as they should be

- America is considered to have an exceptional history steeped in a unique culture, with ideals grounded in a constant pursuit of good; it can safely be argued that no country has been able to achieve what America has achieved in modern history

- Interestingly, it is America’s exceptionalism that makes America a tremendous destination for travelers and migrants and all data bears this out

Republican and Democrat parties have never switched

- Democrats claim that they have “switched” away from their racist past

- The Democrats manipulated the Republican “Southern Strategy” to brand Republicans as racists – effectively employing Saul Alinsky’s textbook strategy to accuse your enemy of being what you are

- The Strom Thurmond maneuver was also employed to suggest that all Democrats switched from their racist roots fully and instantaneously and based on one man’s “reversal” in 1948 (that man being Strom Thurmond)

- The reality is that the Republicans did not do well in the deep south until 1994

- The truth is that the deep south got less racist over time (independently of the Democratic racial games) and as the American deep south got less racist it also happened to get more Republican

- The philosophical underpinnings of the Democrat Party remain largely unchanged: the Democrat party went from the plantation to intimidation to entitlement

- The democrats have always cared about skin color, they did then and they do now

- The republicans have always cared about character, they did then and they do now

- If people believe in the Southern Strategy, then Democrats must believe the deep south is as racist as it was back in the 1960’s (which is also patently false)

- South Carolina has a Republican black senator – Republican voters chose a black Republican Senator over a white Democrat

- Louisiana and South Carolina have an Indian American Governors as opposed to the white Democrat alternatives who ran

- The Dred Scott Decision (in which the Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution was not meant to include American citizenship for black people) was a terrible Supreme Court ruling driven by 7 Democrat Supreme Court justices while the only two justices who opposed this racist ruling were Republicans

- John Wilkes Booth (a Democrat) assassinated the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln who known for his fierce opposition to slavery – he once said “if slavery is not wrong then nothing is wrong”

- The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were all opposed by Democrats

- Before 1900 the Republicans sent 22 blacks to Congress while the Democrats sent not one until 1935

- The first movie ever shown in the White house was the racist Hollywood movie called “Birth of a Nation”, shown by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson

- This is not to say either party has a monopoly on racism but what you are being sold by the Democrats, academia and media is a lie about a “party switch on racism” that never took place – the Democrat has always obsessed over skin color and continues to do so to this day (this irrefutable, just watch the left in their behavior and in their language)

- Ask yourself which side of the political aisle cannot stop talking about skin color

The Constitution is more applicable today than ever

- The constitution was not written for the times, it was written to stand the test of time

- The Constitution was written by a group of thinkers and scholars who studied all the great minds: Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Edmund Burke, and John Locke

- Every one of the great thinkers really cared deeply about who are we, why are we here, and how are we supposed to interact with the natural world

- These great minds all contended (over a long history of detailed examination) that the greatest threat to our freedom and liberty comes only when we resign all that power to an unchecked bureaucracy or an unchecked governmental authority

- The constitution comes from the premise that we deserve to be free and that we are the sovereign; whomever is in charge is only there because of common men and women

- James Madison stated in the Federalist Papers that “liberty must be the default condition of humanity otherwise government will come in and act despotically and like a tyrant”

- Liberty is hard because it will always yield unequal outcomes in lieu of infinite choice and opportunity – because the choices within liberty are infinite therefore the outcomes will always be different and unique

- The constitution is remarkable because it offers us the blessing of personal responsibility and dominion over our own choices

- The Constitution spreads authority of time and geographic space (this safeguard makes it impossible to take over the entire US government within one election cycle, it takes at least six years – it also offers the ability of the separate States of the union to determine their own outcomes based on their own decisions as permitted within a Republic paradigm)

- When it comes to the Constitution, its hard to get massive things done quickly but this is a good thing as it is designed to protect the Republic from threats of unfettered and unrestricted tyranny – this is a unique attribute of the American Republic, differentiating it from other free-world Democracies

With this set of “the five biggest lies being taught to our children”, the EA community has an introductory foundation that can be used to challenge those responsible for misleading the nation. The foundation is also extremely important to share with your children and grandchildren to ensure they have the information they need to fully appreciate America’s great history. Each of the five categories references sub-themes that make for fascinating research that will invariably increase your love of our nation and appreciation of our founding fathers. When all of the facts are viewed in whole, there can only be one conclusion: the Democrat Party is, and always has been, the party of racism and they will continue to lie endlessly to cover up their pathologically racist ways. For those interested, you can find daily podcast episodes by Charlie Kirk titled "The Charlie Kirk Show" - it is an excellent source of authentic and truthful information that all patriots should get to know. By: Extremely American Colin Wright with full attribution to Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA)


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