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Charlie Kirk Breaks Down Ridiculous Fulton County Indictment: ‘This Is Seething, Neurotic Revenge’

Charlie Kirk Breaks Down Ridiculous Fulton County Indictment: ‘This Is Seething, Neurotic Revenge’

August 17, 2023: On Thursday, prominent conservative commentator Charlie Kirk dove into the indictment against former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies by a grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia.

The indictment, which stems from a more than two-year investigation by District Attorney Fani Willis, accuses Trump and his associates of racketeering, conspiracy, and other charges related to potential interference in the 2020 election.

Kirk explained that the indictment is not just an exaggeration but an attempt to “nullify the United States Constitution.” He specifically mentioned parts of the indictment, questioning the rationale behind them.

For instance, he pointed out a tweet from 2020 where Trump mentioned watching Georgia hearings on OAN, which was labeled as an “overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.” Kirk, like many others, was in disbelief that watching cable television could be considered part of a conspiracy.

“This is not justice, everybody. This is seething, neurotic revenge. Revenge against Donald J. Trump for even daring to run for the presidency,” Kirk explained. “For even daring to be a successful president. They’re trying to send a message that if you are, if you even dare to step up and to challenge the orthodoxy in DC, you will be indicted all the way across the board.”


This indictment alleges that the accused were involved in a criminal group that breached Georgia’s racketeering regulations. They also face accusations of providing false information, posing as a public official, and plotting to deceive the state, among other charges.

The indictment is one of several legal issues Trump is currently navigating, with other charges in New York concerning the falsification of business documents and the improper handling of classified materials.

Fani Willis proposed a trial date of March 4 in her case against Trump and 18 co-defendants, as reported by CNBC. The charges revolve around so-called attempts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Court records also reveal that Willis is pushing for the formal arraignment of Trump and the co-defendants to take place in the week starting September 5. Prior to this, she had given an ultimatum of noon on August 25 for the accused parties to voluntarily submit to Georgia legal authorities.

However, Trump appears to be gearing up to challenge this schedule. Throughout his multiple legal proceedings, Trump’s legal team has repeatedly sought trial postponements, aiming for dates after the 2024 presidential elections.

Parallel to the Georgia situation, Alvin Bragg’s trial has also been scheduled for March 25. The timing of these trials, particularly the early March date for such a high-stakes case, has raised eyebrows in many circles.

Super Tuesday, a monumental day in the U.S. election cycle, occurs on March 5th, one day before the proposed trial date in Fulton County. The overlap of the events will make it extremely difficult for Trump.

On top of all this, Trump has another trial date set for January 2, where he faces allegations related to his actions on January 6. This particular lawsuit is also being steered by Smith’s team.


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