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China's 'Unrestricted Hybrid War' on America: Communist-Americans are being used to do its Bidding

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

June 19, 2021: Expert strategist Casey Fleming of Blackops Partners describes Unrestricted Hybrid War, UHW, as the center piece of China's strategy to replace the United States as the dominate global power. Unrestricted Hybrid War, UHW seeks to accomplish military goals through non military means. This means that as America is training for traditional kinetic warfare the Chinese have been fighting an unrestricted hybrid war for at least 35 years. Experts agree that the CCP/PLA know that they would not be able to defeat the United States in a traditional war due to America's undisputed advantage in military equipment and training. CCP/PLA also understands that nuclear war would be without a winner. Thus, China is and has been fighting a different type of war against America while American Corporate, Financial, Government, Political, Social, Entertainment, Medical, Educational, Technological, and every other type of leader that you can think of has been wittingly or unwittingly compromised by the Chinese Program 863.

China's Nation State Program 863 was endorsed by the Paramount Leader of China Deng Xiaoping on March 3, 1986. In a nutshell, the idea behind the program is to lie, cheat and steal anything from America in order to replace the United States as the global military, industrial, and financial leader. Biotechnology, Space, Information Technology, Laser Technology, Automation, Energy, New Materials, Telecommunications and Marine Technology are the 9 areas of focus of Program 863. Until recently, Americas have been completely oblivious to the infiltration of the CCP but today, even the most casual observer knows that China's Corrupt CCP is behind most of the problems in the United States (and most other parts of the world).

China is not interested in sharing the benefits of its rise with other nations. In fact, the CCP wants to destroy their competitors because they view them as enemies and not competitors. An old Chinese proverb warns people to be careful when raising a baby tiger because one day the tiger will grow up to eat its parents. Experts believe that we are at the point where China is ready to challenge the existing world order and point to the recent and aggressive military moves made by China against India, Japan, and Taiwan.

What has China been doing recently? Consider this small sample of headlines:

  • China forcefully harvests organs from detainees, Tribunal concludes

  • Uighur exploitation in China slammed as 'modern day slavery'

  • CCP’s TikTok Collecting US Biometrics

  • How Hacking and Espionage Fuel China’s Growth

  • Researcher Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison for Stealing Trade Secrets to Sell in China

  • Chinese Regime Hoards Global Inventory of Medical Supplies, Leaving Little for Virus-Hit Nations

  • Beijing’s Reach: How Chinese Regime Is impacting the Lives of Canadians

  • Christian persecution in China: House church raided, believers arrested

  • The WHO's Chief Says It Was Premature To Rule Out A Lab Leak As The Pandemic's Origin

  • China’s Epic Dash for PPE Left the World Short on Masks

The question the one must ask is how much of leap is it to believe that China is engaged in Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare on America and the West?

Its not too late to win

The first step to defeating the CCP's "UHW" is to understand the nature of the CCP Totalitarian Regime. In short, they control everything in China and do not have to deal with internal corruption, greedy corporations, militant educators, woke media, and politically correct military officers. The next step is to acknowledge that the CCP has successfully infiltrated every foundational element of American society through the use of bribery, extortion, and other dishonest means. Next, those who have been compromised and answer to the CCP must be exposed and punished. Finally, we must completely de-couple from China by ending any social, economic, military, medial, or educational ties to the CCP. The CCP has exploited American naivety long enough. CCP relies exclusively on the theft of intellectual property, the power of the US dollar, and the US Capital Markets. CCP will suffocate, figuratively speaking, due to a lack of oxygen once America cuts off these 3 important tools.

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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