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Christine Anderson EU MP for Germany - "No one grants me freedom for I am a free person"

November 4, 2021: As heroes emerge around the world and with increasing frequency, we are learning so much more about the villains behind the political and bio-medical "curtain of tyranny". German MEP Christine Anderson offers one of the most powerful statements about human rights and freedom in 3 brief minutes. Her words are sobering and alarming but also inspiring for those who value the importance of their personal freedom and civil rights.

Pay heed to the warnings coming in from Christine Anderson and other courageous leaders who care enough to risk all they have for the benefit of others. They are the examples we all need to follow and they are the leaders we must elect to office and actively support, country by country.

Relevant Link: European MEP's stand up for our right to freedom: "Nobody grants freedom, we are born with it"

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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