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Climate Change Flashback: It's a good thing Climate Pseudo-Science is always wrong

July 4, 2021: Al Gore and the army of "Climate Change" alarmists and hucksters have turned the quack-science of Climate Change into a billion dollar industry over the decades. With the surge of global tyrants meddling and conniving behind the cloak of Covid, we can all expect the most severe forms of exploitation of this Climate Change pseudo-science in the coming months and years. Globalists and the Uniparty are certain to push an agenda hinged on a massive redistribution of wealth (all part of the "great global re-set") - a tactic owned and exploited lock-stock-and-barrel by the world's ruling elites.

The following article offers an interesting and entertaining reminder of past predictions by hucksters and frauds like Al Gore. Enjoy the read (The Geller Report -Pamela Geller; July 3, 2021):


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